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Posted in: General

Welcome to the Coach Developer family

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  • ABradshaw

    A warm welcome to the Coach Developer family!

    It would be great if you could use this conversation thread to give a quick introduction to yourself and maybe share some discussion themes you'd like to explore (I can set up some different forum themes to help organise things).

    The main thing is to get sharing, chatting and supporting each other. 

  • markgingertalentcomRTPY6NJC

    Hi All, I am Mark Hoile, fascinated and curious about people, how they operate in different environments, seeing what makes them tick. Love pushing buttons to see what happens, in a good way.

    i have worked in the sport sector as an athletes, coach and manager for over 25 years. I have seen some amazing things in my time, jaw dropping infact, with great practise and the not so good shall we say.

    In this time, of needing to change our habits, I look forward to catching up with those I don't see or speak to very often and meeting new people who buttons I can press to create some interesting debates in a safe, supportive family.

  • flyinggeckooutdoorsgmailcomH8889SGM

    Hello! Thanks for this new forum, I'm sure it's going to be really helpful :-)

    I'm Jenna, canoe/kayak/SUP coach and coach developer. Absolutely love introducing people to the wonderful world of coaching the sport they love, and trying to bring some theory to life for them in a practical context. I guess if there's one thing that would be great to discuss, it would be sharing of ideas for introducing various concepts during coach ed courses. And sharing of great resources we can signpost people to at the end of courses so they can deepen their understanding.  

  • ashmayltaorgukQW5VS8RJ
    Morning All, not really sure what happened with my computer there ... i am just very keen to say good morning obviously! I'm Ash and have just moved to the LTA as the Performance Coach Development Manager ... i'm interested in all of the above. Would also like to explore how other people have transitioned into sports they do not have experience in before, how opportunities have been created across a pathway, different ways of creating individual learning journeys linked with bespoke IDPs. Thanks and looking forward to this. Ash
  • lucys80hotmailcomQIHPYVLW
    Hello everyone! I'm a Coach Developer in hockey mostly and work for Sport England helping people people do what they do. Interested to lurk in the group and find out cool things other people are up to :D xx
  • ABradshaw

    Ash I've started a new forum for the cross-sport/little experience conversation - can you kick us off with your thoughts and feelings moving into the world of Tennis

  • lesleymckennagbsnowsportcomEI0KXY9S

    Hello everyone. I am part of the Sport Scotland Coach Developer Programme and also work as a Programme Manager at GB Snowsport. I began my life and career in sport as a junior level athlete who went on to compete at international level, eventually competing in 3 Winter Olympics in snowboard halfpipe, before moving on to work as a high performance coach, study for an MSc in Performance Coaching, and then move in to my current role as a programme manager. I also work in the mentor space and am very much enjoying my work and learning on the coach developer journey.


  • lesleymckennagbsnowsportcomEI0KXY9S
    I very much look forward to the discussions and collaborations that will come from this new forum.
  • sidsinfieldbritishcanoeingorgukWWZ1OSCA
    Hi I'm Sid I work as a Performance Coach Developer with British Canoeing's World Class Programme. Pretty much spend the majority of my life coach, leading and guiding across a range of adventure sports. Now focused exclusively on the BC Olympic and Paralympic disinclines. Looking to draw on your collective experiences to help me better support the coaches I work with.
  • Hi everyone, like Lesley I am part of the sportscotland coach developer practitioner programme and have worked with coaches in a number of sports. I also work in the coaching team at sportscotland.
  • Looking forward to seeing what comes from this group that may inform my practice
  • matthewingramlincolnshiregovukS5M04G81

    Morning everyone! I'm Matt, work with England Hockey Coach Development team, coach with the U15 East Midlands girls at Performance Centre as well as some county and club bits. Day to day job is running the Positive Futures project with Lincolnshire County Council, however at present that has come to a halt. Really keen to see how people are keeping in touch with their coaches/players/participants/volunteers and how we keep them occupied with any training and development they can access from home.

  • Hydra

    Hi all...  I coach and play roller derby and also run a website with coaching resources.  We're a sport without a coach development pathway and very little in the way of coach oversight, so I try and gather experience and knowledge from the derby space and bring it together for folks to access. 

    I sit on a number of advisory boards that look at systems and controls, kind of on the periphery of the coaching space. More like giving leagues frameworks to develop their own protocols.  

    I've been lobbying our NGB to create a coaching qualification for about 4 years now, but they are small, under staffed, and still trying to build the sport.  I'm looking at developing my own coaching course to fill the gap until something more official comes along.  

    I was quite quite busy but in the current state of affairs, I seem to have some time on my hands so I'm trying to give myself some focus to kick start it properly now. 

  • chris_stott

    Morning all,

    Thanks for all the introductions so far, great to get to be connected to those I don't know and reconnected with those I do!

    I'm Chris Stott, Coach Development Manager at British Shooting, I have been in post for about 14 months now having moved on from my role at UK Sport in the people/coach development team.

    I am curious to hear about how coach developers are staying connected with coaches they work with and on what sort of topics, plus get involved in any other topics people want to float!

    Like Ash, I also don't have a background in the sport I work in at the moment and am happy to get involved in discussions with others about their experiences in this area. Overall I have loved it and it has been brilliant to get to know people in a fantastic sport, who have been open to discussion and development and to understand what is important to them and how we can work collectively together to further their coaching and athlete development.

  • cchapman

    Hi Everyone, I am Chris and I love helping people be the best they can be and reach their potential.  I am a Coach Developer in rugby league, after spending 18 years coaching in the Talent and High Performance environments.  I still help out with my son's rugby team when I can.

    Keen to hear lots of great ideas and stories from everyone.

    Thought I would share this link on how to boost your immune system and a podcast as well.  Think it is very apt given the current climate and the need for coaches to feel physically and mentally well.

  • scotttimicloudcomVBYFC5DP
    Hi, I'm Tim and I'm a full time flat water kayak racing coach at Norwich Canoe Club. This webinar run by Sport England at 11.00am this Friday (Straight after the Coach Developer Conversations here) is about funding after Covid 19 and might be of interest to those here:Good morning, Thank you for your email to the Coronavirus inbox at Sport England. We are currently analysing these messages and will look to respond to each input in due course. From the responses we have received, we know this is a hugely challenging time for all our partners and the sport and physical activity sector as a whole. We have been listening to as many of you as possible to get an early picture of the impact that coronavirus (COVID-19) is having. We want to now talk to partners about the immediate challenges that we can see, Sport England’s priorities and plans to help, and the importance of uniting our sector now more than ever. To do this we are hosting a webinar this Friday, 11:00-12:00, that will be presented by Tim Hollingsworth our CEO. Tim will cover the things that Sport England is doing to: 1. Support the sector to make sure it comes through this period in as strong a position as possible – including what you need to know about updates to our funding 2. Encourage people to stay active wherever possible which we think is now more important than ever – including how to connect to our national campaign to keep people active and engaging with the sector. He will also outline where Sport England has got to in its development of a new Strategy and how this will be impacted by the current situation. Given your input so far, we would like to invite you to join us, which you can do by registering via the following link: https://www.workcast.com/register?cpak=2795364233948691 Please do feel free to forward this on to any partners or colleagues that you think might be interested.
  • PaulSmith

    Morning all, I am Paul Smith a British Canoeing and Mountain Training Coach educator.

  • arpaynetiscalicoukMW0IIIJW
    Good Morning,
  • arpaynetiscalicoukMW0IIIJW
    I'm an equestrian coach and always looking for new ways of working, so I'll be interested to see what comes up here. My 'day job' is as an Executive Coach and Mentor, so I have a fascination with how business and sport can learn from one another.
  • K.England

    Hi All

    I am a Regional Coach Mentor Officer working in Grassroots Football with 55 FA Mentors across the SE of England. i look forward to the discussions.

    Grassroots football has closed down, massive job to get it going again ? "Jumpers for Goalposts"

  • Hello everyone, I am Steve Mac and am active as a coach developer in paddlesports, with Sportscotland and with students of coaching at the University of Stirling.

    Am really looking forward to the interactions in this community...


  • jrcoaching

    Hi all,


    I am the Team Manager (DS) and Head coach for JRC Shutt Ridley RT, a cycling development squad that I started predominatly for Junior riders as there was a gap in the club scene.

    Many other teams have now popped up, however, I am one of only a couple that are a true development squad.

    Our goal is to take riders who have missed out on National squad selection, and through my close work with GBCT, we lead them to train and develop at the same level as the National squad.

    We recruit into the team at age 14, BC guidelines prohibit U14's being 1:1 coached, and on the Youth A squads we have some GBCT riders hoping to make Junior Academy, and some hoping to make GBCT Apprentice. We currently have all 5 of our female U16 riders on either Regional School of Racing, National School of Racing or GBCT Apprentice.

    Once the riders turn 18 and become U23, if they are still showing promise, we try to get them places on UCI teams, if not, we still provide a home for them to develop further as they may still be developing, or as in one riders case, joined us from fell running after injury and will only come into true form after turning U23 next season.

    As a coach developer, I work with other coaches in the BC & GBCT programs collaboratively and have enjoyed time being part of Talent Performance Development group in Manchester previously.

    I'm currently looking to develop my Coach Developer skills further having mentored and employed a young coach through my coaching company, James Roberts Coaching, who went on to become the youngest Talent Development Coach for British Cycling.

    Bit long winded Hello, but as I'm currently working from home, dreaming up new ways to keep contact and training continuity with the squad, this felt like a good break to talk.

    So Hi everyone!!

  • MikeFACCD


    My name is Mike Byrne. I am a coach developer for the Football Association. I am interested in all things coaching, particularly non linear pedagogy, representative design, skill acquisition and retention. I am currently completing a degree in Sports coaching at Worcester University and would appreciate any support I can get. I have a background of coaching in academies and non league.

  • troyculley

    Good morning, 

    Hope everyone is in good health. My name is Troy Culley and I am currently the Great Britain U16 Men's basketball Head Coach and an academy coach at Myerscough College.

    I graduated from UClan with a Masters in Elite Coaching Practice last December and my portfolio enabled me to successfully complete the UKCC Level 4. I have very little experience as a coach developer outside of the normal discussions I would have with peers but it is an area I am keen to develop.

    Any help or guidance would be fantastic! 

    All the best


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