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Friday the 7th August Coach Developer Conversation with Nick Shackleton-Jones | Coach Developers

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Posted in: Coach Developer Conversations (online)

Friday the 7th August Coach Developer Conversation with Nick Shackleton-Jones

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  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone 

    We had an intimate, but very fascinating open reflective conversation last Friday lunchtime discussing and sense-making the past three Coach Developer Conversation topics. Thank you to everyone who joined us. 

    The chatbox and some slides will be shared in the forum discussion thread this week. 


    Moving to this Friday we have a very exciting guest joining us. We are delighted to welcome Nick Shackleton-Jones, an award-winning learning pioneer, psychologist and author of ‘How People Learn.’  


    This Friday we are planning to use a series of short (two minute) videos from Nick’s website (on this link) as a stimulus for the conversation. Please could you have a look through the video’s and get back to us with your questions so we can pass them on to Nick before Friday (by the end of Wednesday if possible)?

    Nick is keen to answer your questions and allow you to lead the conversation rather than simply delivering a lecture. 


    Andy Bradshaw is having some well-deserved time off so you will be in the capable hands of Tom and Marianne this week.  


    Please note that the start time is later than usual and will be at 10.30 am. 

    Here is the link to join on Friday at 10.30 am. 


    We're going to stay on Webex for this so we can record the discussions.


    And finally, if you haven't completed our feedback survey please could you - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CoachDeveloperConversation 


    See you Friday, Marianne and Tom 

  • Anonymous

    What I have found, talking to learning professionals is [...] that many people [...] intuitively kind of get all of this stuff. So they get that if you want to have a really big impact on a student, you don't do that by ramming more information down their throat. You do that by demonstrating that you care, by inspiring them, by supporting them [...] So, good teachers and good educators... they kind of, they intuitively get this. They just haven't had a proper framework. So there's a sadness about that this all. It's had to happen kind of subversively, and intuitively, and against the grain, I guess, of the convention, and in the face of the curriculum.

    Isn't this what we also find in coaching? That where they are not handcuffed by quite bizarre ideas that have been propagated by various NGBs and coaching schemes... good people have always shown an intuitive grasp of what works? 

    That quote is from Episode 146 of the Emerald World Podcast - which gives a very gentle introduction to Nick Shackleton-Jones' thinking - but for those who'd rather do Youtube, this is an equally engaging, easy-listening introduction:  
    For those who have an appetite for theory and who want to sit down and concentrate and do a quick blitz on where Nick is coming from, this is a far more focused presentation:

    Other material by Nick is easy enough to find, and his personal blog is a treasure trove of delightful little gems such as:
    Best of all, for me: There are no Learners
    There are no learners because there are no ‘breathers’ – that is to say we all learn and breathe, but we don’t talk about people as ‘breathers’ and we shouldn’t talk about people as ‘learners’ for the same reason.

    My key question for Nick, for Friday, is about ways we can go about eradicating that completely toxic word from the lexicon of coaching - as all my efforts to date have failed!

  • Anonymous

    For me this 5/8min video of Nick Shackleton-Jones gave a good grounding.

    Fixing Learning and Education

     The screenshot from this presentation could be viewed alongside 'athlete centred coaching' 

  • Anonymous

     Thank you Greg :) 


  • Anonymous

    Keywords/thoughts that I noted for consideration :) 

    1. Observe - Trial - Consequences - Simple steps to strip learning right back for our consideration. 

    2. People are people, not learners or any other label. The label they pick is their choice. 

    3. Hi, how are you ? What brings you here today?

    4. What's relevant to you connects closely to what you react to and retain. Sounds simple but is it? 

    5. Authoritarian personalities - Environment / Genetic influence

    6. Motivation - Self Determination Theory (Deci) Mastery, Autonomy, Purposeful, Belonging (Pink)

    7. Learning happens without reflection. - More thoughts on this Monday. Too big for Friday :)

    8. Likes V Emails - How closely linked is our business acumen to peoples reality.  Is meeting in the middle enough? 

    9. Episodic memories don't make someone a better athlete. They do make me smile though and value the conversations around them...does that link to my sense of belonging and closer to my perception of mastery? Do I determine mastery? - Slippy slide. 

    10. Pupogogy :) 

    Happy Friday. 



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