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Friday 15 May - 10 to 11am (BST) | Coach Developers

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Coach Developers

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Posted in: Coach Developer Conversations (online)

Friday 15 May - 10 to 11am (BST)

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  • ABradshaw
    This is week 3 of our cycle - content from within the group and we think Lucy Moore's recent blog post should provide a fantastic stimulus to our discussions:
    Where are all the female coaches?
    We are going to use Remo again and learn from our trial last week, link below:
    We will aim to have:
    • a table host (who will summarise discussions and add to the Connected Coaches conversation thread)
    • leave a spare seat in each room, so people can move about freely
    • limit the amount of 'god like' interruptions from the host
    We are keen to help Lucy start a movement and discuss not only the relevant themes but also what can and could be done!
  • deenablackinghotmailcom2D1SP7RL
    Very excited for this! Andy, could you please add me to your list?
  • ABradshaw

    Of course! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  • ABradshaw

    We'll use the blog section to collate any further reflections so if you were with us this morning and have some thoughts please do click reply to it and add them - link to the blog below:

    Lucy's blog

  • jcoadyukcoachingorgSYRQSHZ2

    An awesome session this morning and enjoyed Remo :) Thanks Andy

    Some 'barrier' summary points from our table -

    1. Are we taking a strategic approach to the intervention style programmes and is the purpose/drive really to cause a cultural change.?
    2.  Different sports with different traditions, how do you move those rigid mindsets?
    3. It seems cyclical we have a surge of strong females and then a ‘lull’ how do we maintain the drive?
    4. Supporting female coaches to fill positions and not to become more confident coaches.
    5. Language and the way we promote and message. 
    6. The structure around coaches – Too difficult to manage times, locations, travel, - How can we work on the way the programme is delivered to support coaches and female coaches.
    7. Are we actually tackling the perception or just highlighting it ? Is it a gender issue? 
    8. Role models – A lot of the books written from a female coach perspective have a ‘self-help’ element to them (which may absolutely have been part of the journey for that coach) but where are the positive stories? Are they out there? 


    Some supportive guidance and awareness to get the ball rolling

    1. We are lucky that we have a neutral word in our profession ‘coach’ we just need to start seeing females filling that role.
    2. Visibility - More females on the cover of sporting books and magazines inspiring and motivating
    3. Check our biases and do a health check in your environment/system and see what exists.
    4. Accessibility – let’s look at this movement from a multifaceted approach – Physical / Social / Financial and Perceptual – How can we make this the norm?
    5. Facilitating community-based interactions to support growth and accelerating confidence through informal interactions. 
    6. More opportunities to talk, share support and intervene and normalise this instead of it being isolated projects/interventions.

    A lot in all of those points and some overlap but all part of great conversations this morning. 

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