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Embracing Technology

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Posted in: Video Analysis

Performance Analysis Software - Moving to a Mac

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  • batty

    Hey all!

    During my BA in Sports Coaching i undertook a module in Performance Analysis and absolutely loved it - so much so that I'm always utilising video so much more than i used to.

    Due to a major ongoing project I'm working on i've invested in a Macbook (love it! the battery life is so much better and the speed! admittedly, i've maxed out the ram as well as installed an SSD - smooth sailing all around!).  On a windows machine i've used Kinovea for tagging KPI's on shooters (i'm in rifle shooting, individual sport, no need for team statistical tagging etc) however as we all probably know here, kinovea doesn't have an OSx application which is a shame.  During my PA module, I became competent in using Gamebreaker and Sportscode however don't have the resources to fund the cost of these!

    After doing numerous hunts to find something reasonable i just seem to come against a brick wall all the time!

    So what software are you using on mac that is free/cheap that works well like kinovea,   All advice highly appreciated!



  • robertkmaaye

    Hi Michelle

    Hope all is good with you and your Commonwealth games preparation is going well.

    I’ve had a browse of the various member App reviews that have been posted and I think the following might contain the features you are looking for and will work with a mac.

    Hopefully one of these will be what you are looking for...or someone else will share what software they find useful!

    All the best


  • batty

    Unfortunately the work didn't amount to much :( which is a shame.

    Thanks for the suggesttions but those are IOS applications (Iphone/Ipad) (i know i put IOS in the first instance but i edited it to OSx shortly afterwards) where as i'm after applications for a Macbook (OSx)

    Any advice?

  • robertkmaaye
    On 30/10/17 11:57 AM, Michelle Bagot said:

    Unfortunately the work didn't amount to much :( which is a shame.

    Sorry hear that!

    On 30/10/17 11:57 AM, Michelle Bagot said:

    Thanks for the suggesttions but those are IOS applications (Iphone/Ipad) (i know i put IOS in the first instance but i edited it to OSx shortly afterwards) where as i'm after applications for a Macbook (OSx)

    Sorry you did! School boy error on my part! Did a quick google search and it threw up ObjecutsVideo Mac sports video analysis software  and MotionPro!. Not done any research or any verification on how good they are though but might be worth a look if you havent come across them?

  • BigJon1

    You could try using Parallels to run Windows programmes.  I use parallels for my map-drawing programme (OCAD) which has not been rewritten for Mac and the performance is as fast as on a windows machine.  Drawback is the cost of parallels plus having to buy a copy of Windows...  but worth it in my opinion.

  • Coach_Browning

    Reading this I am assuming by individual, you have a group of individuals rather than just yourself and so...

    I have a similar problem (although I am a team). Ideally I would use Hudl for mine but - same as you - I dont have the funds for it. So I need to breakdown film and then give the players an analysis of it without any real coaching tools. 

    So what I tend to do - and I admit it is a bit long winded is...

    Get all the video and drop it into iMovie player (which is free as it comes with the Mac). I then use that facility to cut up the film into just the bits that I want. 

    Once I have that then I use a video streaming tool called OBS studio - https://obsproject.com - which is free. You can set this up to just capture the screen or capture both the screen and yourself through the computers camera. 

    I then run the clips in IMovie and talk through them as I go along. This creates a video of it and you then can either send that out, or I will often stick it as an unlisted link on YouTube and send the link to the players. 

    The other thing that this is good for - if you have a Facebook group set up - is that you can go into your group and do FaceBook live using this as a streaming tool rather than a straight recording. I have done live "chalktalks" like this where the players have all been online, I have delivered the session through OBS/Facebook live and they can ask questions through Facebook in real time. so as I am going through the film they can stop me for clarification on points. 

    This would also work in a one-2-one scenario as you could stream to the individual and have a conversation on the film in real time. THE beauty of Facebook live is that it saves the video and so people can go back over it later - plus you could also record it at the same time through OBS as well if you wished. 

    Once you get used to it - then it works ok. For me at least. And everything is free

  • Judobob


    What exactly do you want to do with the software? What sort of things would you code?


  • I know how you feel. I coach archery.

    I used Kinovia, on my Window laptop. (which has now died after 10 years)

    Use a camera rig and tv set up for delayed shot so the archer could see themselves just after a shot, and coaches eye in an ipad.

    Just bought a Mac book pro which I use for FCPX, video and music production, but for sports analysis software, it sucks.

    If possible get an ipad and coaches eye.

    Maybe worth having a coaches equipment fund and seeing if your athletes would support you in this. 

    After all they will benefit in the end.

  • AndyP

    Very very late reply on this one... don’t know if you are still following the thread. 

    I use hudl technique (aka Ubersense) on an iPad when doing stuff live, but I found unless you are willing to spend crazy money on quintec or dartfish there is nothing as good as kinovea on a Mac. I actually decided it was cheaper to by a relatively low spec laptop just for kinovea - I don’t use it for anything else, no multitasking etc, so the limited spec doesn’t really pose a problem. Really annoying, but possibly the most cost effective solution

  • anfy

    I have a problem: I have been asked to do a video analysis course for coaches. They have a mixture of kit - from laptops to iPads/iPhones. I cannot find a free video software (I currently use Kinovea on the laptop) that is supported on both platforms. I don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time on the software - it's all pretty much the same as we only need the basics: slow motion, split screen and loading videos from other sources - the course should be about the actual analysis. But I can't find anything. Can anyone help please?

  • Judobob

    One option would be to down load an array of free apps and let them try different functions. Coaches eye, darttag etc are free I think. 

    personally I think the strength is not to show them an app but to show them there are lots out there and they should have the confidence to search for one that suits their needs. 

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