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Posted in: Video Analysis

Video Storage

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  • What's the best way to store my video clips?

    Acting Community Manager
  • Coach_Browning

    Sorry - just going through unanswered posts and saw this...Given the date of original post, I am guessing you have solved the problem, but for general conversation...

    I guess it depends on what you want to do with them. Do you need others to see them? Do you need to annotate over them? Do you need to compare them? Do they need to be kept private within a select group of people?

    There is a myriad of options out there, and many sports have packages that suit their specific needs. For example, Hudl is designed for American based sports such as American Football, Basketball etc...

    Therefore, given the various options available is it always good to properly think about what you want to do with the video clips before embarking on the use of a package. Most packages will have advantages and disadvantages so it is important to fully understand what your needs are first. What are your most important needs and what can you live without? If a package can't tick all the boxes from the must haves then dont use it.

    At a basic level, one option is to create a YouTube account and upload the video there. You can make the videos unlisted so that noone can find them unless they know the link. Benefit of YouTube is that, as it is such an influential site, most other packages can cope with them and they are easy to embed as needed. Pretty much any mobile device can open them giving accessibility. 

  • Hi Simon and thank you.. 

    This was a question we posted in the early days. We understood this was becoming a practical issue for coaches. 

    This is exactly the type of response we need to help turn ConnectedCoaches into a long-term free resource for coaches. I'm sure your response will stand the test of time and prove useful for coaches looking for help with this issue in the future. In time, we hope that these posts will show up in Google search results.

    Thanks again.

    Acting Community Manager
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