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What are your thoughts on subscription models for performance analysis software? | Embracing Technology

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Embracing Technology

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Posted in: Video Analysis

What are your thoughts on subscription models for performance analysis software?

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  • robertkmaaye

    Happy New Year all! Hope you had a good Christmas break

    Just read an interesting blog that Lawrie O'Keeffe  brought to my attention over the festive period: Why a subscription model is wrong for performance analysis software

    In short the writer basically is saying that it is wrong from an ethical/moral/common sense point of view that performance analysis software companies adopt a subscription model to keep running the software. He argues that…

    “…users generate knowledge with the use of the tool. Users build templates, databases, dashboards, presentations and create a huge amount of conclusions and valuable knowledge about their sport. If the software provider then forces the user to pay again next year to access the content that belongs to the user, that is a hijack and that’s wrong.”

    I was wondering what users of performance analysis software such as Hudl (member review here), Coach’s Eye (member review here) etc think?

    Look forward to reading your thoughts

  • AndyP

    I didn’t see this article when it was first posted so who knows if anyone is still following it... I may just be talking to myself!!

    its worth noting the blog you reference is from another developer nacsport, so they have a vested interest in knocking their competitors! 

    Ultimately it’s up to each company how they charge for the product they provide, and up to the customers what they choose to buy. It’s frankly got nothing to do with one business how another chooses to operate - if these guys feel that their competitions are overcharging then surely they are in a great position to provide a better value product and win people over. These companies are under no obligation to make this available as a public service, so if they feel this is the best way to stay in business, whilst offering something people want to buy, then it’s unreasonable to expect them to do anything different.

    The whole thing seems a bit disingenuous to me, and just a chance to take pop-shots at rivals. I personally subscribe to Hudl, and given how much the free version offers and the fact you can export the videos out of the app for use in other software, I think the criticism is entirely unjustified. Frankly the only way the original blog has impacted on my view of analysis software developers is to have a much lower opinion of the author’s company nacsport!

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