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Coach’s Eye Reviews

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Coach’s Eye Reviews

More and more coaches are using video feedback as a coaching aid. With a number of options available, it can be difficult for coaches who aren’t familiar with what’s out there to know what is right for them.

We asked two members, David Turner (Athletics) and Andy Edwards (Football and Cricket), to share their experiences of using the Coach’s Eye app.

David Turner

Sport: Athletics (javelin)

System used: Android

Coach’s Eye has been my coaching app of choice for the past two years.

The functions I use most are the slow motion, comparing two videos and angle tool so I will focus my review on these. Please note I am an Android user and so functionality may differ with Apple and other systems.

First impressions: For the most part, I have found the functionality to be relatively intuitive. Recent upgrades have enhanced functionality although, as with all changes of this nature, that can take some getting used to. Design is pretty good, and the tools seem well suited to a sport like mine. The cost is affordable, but there are some hidden extras I’ve purchased over time.

Recording: Simple point and click – it doesn’t get any easier.

Slow motion: This is the tool I use on a daily basis. Without it, I wouldn’t be half as good a coach. However, many apps now offer this function so this alone is not a stand-out feature. You can now slow to ½, ¼ and 1/8 speed. This is easy to control forwards and back by a touchscreen cog wheel on your device at the bottom of the picture.

Video comparison: There is no better way to show what you’re looking for than comparison with another athlete (perhaps a professional) or to show improvement in the same athlete over time. This function allows that. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it allows you to link a video at a point in time so that you can, for example, compare delivery of the javelin in terms of positions and time taken, at the same time.

Angle tool: An important part of javelin that athletes (and some coaches) often neglect is the angle of release. ‘It’s an aerodynamic implement, not a brick’ is one of my favourite sayings. The angle tool helps me show athletes that their angle of release is often too high to allow the javelin to perform areodynamically. I’m not sure how accurate the tool is, but the ability to make the point visually during analysis is actually more important for me.

Timer function: One tool I thought was very cool was the timer function. This allowed me to analyse the speed and javelin release speed of my athletes with greater accuracy. It was also surprisingly easy to use.

Additional tools I rarely use: Useful for some coaches may be the voice recording function – perhaps useful if you’re sending a video clip to an athlete/coach and want to record an analysis.

Can my dad use it?: Perhaps the best usability test is giving it to my dad – a 52-year-old man who literally would not know how to turn a computer on (though, oddly, he can fix the electronics inside). He was able to control the slow motion function easily, though the additional technology was beyond him.


Some cons to using the app have been the flagging up of adverts asking if I’d like to purchase another pack upgrade. I’d prefer a trial period (say 30 days) then a one-off cost.

I find the transfer from device to device or PC to be a bit time-consuming and would prefer this to be simplified, particularly when I want to share a video with another coach.

Sometimes, you end up drawing random lines all over your athlete, but they are easy to erase.

Overall: 8/10 – I would recommend, though several other javelin coaches are using Ubersense.

Andy Edwards

Sports: Football and cricket

Systems used: Android initially, Apple now

I’ve used Coach’s Eye on my iPad for the last 18 months and have recorded over 40 videos in that time.

My first impression of the app was that it was a very good app. It was pretty simple to use, very cheap and got great feedback from kids and parents.

Typically, I film for 10 minutes at training, review the following day, and pick out something we were working on. I normally play the clip (say 20–30 seconds) at full speed with some commentary, then take it back and play in slow motion, maybe stopping it at times, using arrows to illustrate certain points.

This is a good example of how I tend to use it.

In particular, I think the flywheel function, which allows me to easily and quickly scroll forwards and backwards through the footage, is very useful and performs very well.

Although I wouldn’t describe it as particularly important to my coaching at the moment, because I can see how many views each video has (and it isn’t that many), it is an extremely user-friendly app and a useful tool to have. I could see myself using it a lot more in the future. It would be great to use it to analyse matches, but obviously, I can’t use footage of opposition players without their permission.

Overall: For what I use it for, and the low cost, it has to be 10/10. I would recommend the app to other coaches no matter what their sport.

More information on the Coach’s Eye app can be found on their website.

They also have an informative YouTube channel that has a number of tutorial videos.

Have you used Coach’s Eye before? What was your experience of the app? What other video analysis apps would you recommend? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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I still really enjoy coach's eye even after a couple of years of using it. It is quite simple and intuitive to use. I do wonder though, is there anything new available that people have started to use and find equally as useful?

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Hi Andy

I’d be interested to hear if anyone is using anything new as well as we like to get member reviews of apps that are available.

In case it is of interest on the site currently we have member reviews of the following:

- HudlTechnique (formerly Ubersense) Reviews

- Edufii app/website review


In the blog ‘Help or hindrance: The use of video analysis to aid player development’ Richard Allen mentions he uses the ‘CoachMyVideo’ app https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/4/embracing-technology/blogs/general/213/help-or-hindrance-the-use-of-video-analysis-to-aid-player-development

There also some apps name checked in these conversations:

- ‘Video analysis’ https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/4/embracing-technology/forums/all-other-conversations-about-technology/6628/video-analysis

- ‘The use of technology in sport’ https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/10/welcome-and-general/forums/general/935/the-use-of-technology-in-sport

- ‘Who uses Team App’ https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/4/embracing-technology/forums/apps-for-coaching/6527/who-uses-team-app

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I am a lawn bowls coach and was introduced to Coach's Eye by a Friend who is a coach in Australian some 4/5 years ago. I have found it to be so easy to use and does everything I want it to do and I recommend it to all new coach's. The slo-mo feature is ideal in showing bowlers their point of release because so many don't believe you when you tell them they are releasing the bowl on the upward swing when it should be at the bottom of the swing.
Worth every penny.

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