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Edufii app/website review

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It’s been great to see the number of helpful reviews posted in this group on ConnectedCoaches already.

I thought it would be helpful to post my review of an app/website I use called Edufii, which, as their website states, allows ‘coaches and your athletes to connect and collaborate more efficiently and effectively to increase performance’.

Sport: Golf (but you could use it in any sport)

System used: Apple (but also available on Android)

Background: I am a new user this year so I have only been using the app/website for about four months now but on a regular basis for both individual and team coaching. However, I only use it with golfers  who have committed to a longer term coaching packge. The system is widely used for my England Golf regional and Essex County coaching


The app is based around training spaces, which allow you to set up and invite an individual player or a ‘team’, allowing ongoing communication, charting progress and assisting with any areas of improvement between sessions. It is very useful for teams as a number of people involved can be invited, including other specialist coaches and relevant personnel.

The training space takes about two minutes to set up, with the use being instant. An image is added to the user’s profile, which again is very simple to implement. Edufii creates a demo account, which helps you get started, containing all the relevant information. Videos and photos can be easily taken and downloaded or used from your current photo stream, which do not take long to add. It is this simplicity and flexibility which I enjoy with Edufii.

It is very easy to create new training spaces with the app, and you are able to set them up quickly with a client. It is the ability to tag a post which provides an ongoing record of the particular area worked on creating a timeline. This in turn provides an audit trail of progression for client to refer back to previous sessions. The app also gives you an instant trail of all clients with the date of the post so is easy to view. The ability to post images, video and audio recording with the new ‘like’ function, which is useful for a group training space. I have not currently used the email function.

I have tended to use the website more than the app but there are certain functions which are present in one and not the other are very similar, but I do find the main site easier if I am noting a more comprehensive report. The support team is very efficient too and hold currently free webinars covering a range of topics.

It is currently free, but with the ability to pay a monthly fee to join some other top coaches’ ‘training spaces’. They recently held a free webinar with David Leadbetter as one of their top users, so it is a learning platform too for Coaches.

This video gives you an idea of what you can do with the Edufii app/website:

Cons: Sometimes, when replying or commenting on a video a client has posted, it does not respond, and you have to sign out of the app and sign in again, but that is a minor blip. As with apps, you do receive a few emails  every time someone posts something, but that does not worry me as I know I have the interest and team interaction.

Overall: I have received really good feedback from all the players I have used it with so I would give the app a 9/10. I would absolutely recommend Edufii as you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. It can be utilised as an increased earning stream.

More information on Edufii can be found on their website.

Do you use Edufii? How do you find it? I’d be interested to hear if your experience was as positive as mine. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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