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Member app review of the TacticalPad software

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You may have seen my Coaching session plan videos blog where I collated many session drills from the twitter account @playersessionHQ (with their permission of course!).

The software used to develop those football (although they could easily be adapted to other sports) session drills was TacticalPad.

We asked a couple of members to share their experiences of using the software, which can be used for tactical analysis, drawing exercises and drills, planning training sessions, performance and opponents analysis.

David Baird review

As an academy soccer coach I am always looking for innovative ways to get an advantage on future opposition and to give my players the best possible environment to develop. A key to my success as a coach this year has been my planning process for every training session and game, and I have a lot to thank TacticalPad for in regards to this.

I have been using TacticalPad on my laptop and tablet for a year now. It is the best planning tool that I have used for my sessions as it allows me to see a visual of set up, player rotations and the best way to progress my sessions. At first it took a little getting used to and I thought it was OK, but as I got more comfortable with the features I realised the true value of the app. The best features for me are being able to create ‘boards’ different tabs to show the progressions of your session, I also like the ‘notes’ feature where not only will I put some notes for myself when delivering but I can also evaluate the exercises after delivering. I plan all my sessions on TacticalPad, look over them thoroughly and then use the export feature to print my session plans straight from the app.

Thanks to TacticalPads social media pages and presence I have been able to network with other coaches who use the app and discuss best practice and share ideas in regards to coaching, I am very grateful to the developers for giving me that excellent opportunity.

As previously mentioned I use TacticalPad on game day. I set out my team and present the game plan to the players using the app. Players can see their positions and the animated movements can show our game plans to stick to our strengths and expose opposition’s weaknesses.

Since introducing this method of pre-game preparation we have been having a lot of success and this is why I continue to prepare for games in this way. I have also used the app at half time to give young players a visual of how the other team are lining up and the potential areas/players on the pitch to exploit.

TacticalPad allows me to be creative and push myself to constantly plan better sessions, always learning and developing every time I deliver and keeping a catalogue of all my drills so I can go back to them whenever I want.

I would highly recommend TacticalPad to any coaches looking to plan their sessions to the highest possible standard. Overall I give it 10 out 10!

Francesco Ambrosini review

Sport: Soccer but I also like it for Futsal and Basketball

System used: Currently I use it on Android (bot tablet and smartphone) and my PC. In the past I have used it on iPad.

TacticalPad was one of the very first coaching apps I downloaded so I’ve been using it a very long time! I use it daily to prepare and organise my training sessions. I draw and organise all of my library of plays and drills, then I often share them as pdfs, images or publish directly on my website so any coach or player can see them.

I find it an extremely powerful, flexible and easy to use software. It is very user-friendly and you see great improvements in every update! In my opinion it is the best of its kind of apps and very important to me and my staff in our daily work inside and outside of the playground. Actually it’s a must have for me primarily to organize all of our training contents but also to share them with my coaching staff and then as I say to share in real time with coaches from all over the world on social media and my website.

What’s also great is whenever there are improvements to be made the TacticalPad creator Fernando is very receptive to feedback and is currently working on suggestions I made. This is a great value added benefit of the software.

Overall: I would give it 9.5 out of 10…it will be a 10 as soon as the minor improvements are implemented!

Test it and you will see the value of having a coaching partner such as TacticalPad.

Have you used TacticalPad? What did you think of it? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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