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Embracing Technology

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TAGPAY App and SmartBand review

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I have noticed that at my son’s football club they would really value a better way of keeping track of their players, registering them on arrival at games and training and using technology to positively impact on the young players coaching and playing experience and safety.

So, I started trawling the internet and came across TAGPAY. I have done some digging and questioning about the product and am very keen to explore this further as I think it would really add some value!!

So what is TAGPAY?

It is an App and SmartBand combination that provides sports clubs with a safer, smarter and smoother way of managing youth players. It enables your sports club to safely register players, share key information directly to your community and store important data about your players. It is also due to have a number of new features added shortly!

tagpay image

The App and SmartBand is really easy to use and is available on both Apple and Android. The SmartBand is durable and is worn whilst playing the sport and is currently being used by Turnstyles Football Academy, QPR Academy, Annabel Croft Tennis Academy. Arsenal Soccer Schools and FC Barcelona Escola have also used TAGPAY. I understand that Juventus, a regional gymnastics centre and a gym are also looking at using TAGPAY. It is clearly a useful addition to both performance and grass roots sporting environments.

The features of the App are listed as (have a look at the website for more info)

  • Check in & Check out (E-registration no more on field paper processes) 
  • Parent SMS Confirmation (E-security SMS/PUSH to the parent for safeguarding purposes) 
  • Extensive Player Profile (E-medical)
  • Club Dashboard - Mobile / Tablet / Desktop 
  • Traffic Light System (How clubs manage revenue leakage and increase revenue assurance) 
  • Manage subscriptions and in-app club mechanise purchases.  
  • Community Engagement (General club updates) 
  • Safeguarding, coach efficiency and Child Protection  

The first question I however asked was would the App (or the above features!) ultimately add value to the session and the overall experience of the participant. I have no direct experience yet - but can see that it most likely would.

Firstly, registering participants in quickly and ensuring a correct register for the session would be invaluable as the participants would get busy quickly and have the full attention of the coach, whilst also being safe!!!! Other benefits would be the ability to build an easily accessible profile of the participant. I think the participant would love the idea of earning TAGPAY points and I understand that there are due to be some further functionality added to the app in the very near future including a paperless payment mechanism.

This app is relatively new to the market place. In talking with the developers, I am really impressed by the professionalism, functionality and usability of what they have created.

Furthermore, I picked up on their desire to continue the development of TAGPAY to ensure it adds value to both the coach, parent and crucially the participant.

Have a look at their website for more info if you are interested.

I have also dug out a few videos which bring the App and SmartBand to life. (The SamrtBand can even be customised to your club if you want!)

Take a look at these videos:

FC Barcelona

Turnstyles Football Club. 

I also found this official testimonial by QPR  and an article in official Sportie Tech Publication

If you are looking to create a safe environment, engage with your participants and their parents/guardians using developing technology then I would recommend that you have a look at TAGPAY. You can download the iphone app here and get it on Google Play here.

Does anyone have experience of using TAGPAY? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Please let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below.

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Great stuff Dave!

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