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Embracing Technology

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Bust a Move (BAM) Video Delay app review

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There have been lots of great app reviews shared on the site so I thought it would be helpful to post my review of a video delay app I use in my coaching called Bust a Move (BAM).

Sport: I am using it for Archery but it would suit all sports

System used: I use the Apple iOS version – both on iPhone and iPad

Performance: I’ve been using the BAM video delay app for about two years, but in the last year have purchased more iPads so I can use it more often with more athletes. It’s very important to my coaching. I use it a lot, but I also see the athletes using it independently when they have something specific they want to work on.

The app videos the archer for me, but the playback is delayed so the archer can actually watch their own shot. I use it when I want the archer to see what I am seeing. Archers may think they are doing what I am asking them to do but letting them see what they are actually doing immediately after each shot makes a big difference. The athletes can also set it up on their own at any time.

Although I use it mostly for the video delay; just the playback, it can also be used for frame by frame analysis.

BAM has helped my coaching by making my sessions much more productive.  Once I know the athlete understands what they are looking for, the camera can be set up for self-monitoring. I have found that when the athlete can see what they just did, while they can remember what it felt like, it is much easier to make changes. They can also experiment and/or make a change on their own and get immediate feedback as to whether or not the change did what they thought it would do.

BAM image

It’s an extremely user-friendly app.  It is almost self-explanatory, but there are easy to follow instructions.

We had been using a very cumbersome set up with TVs and an old version of TiVo. To find something this simple and this inexpensive was wonderful! It is inexpensive enough that athletes can purchase it and use it when they are practicing on their own.

Cons: The only con I found when I started using the app was that it would not record. I haven’t used it yet, but using the frame by frame mode it can be saved as a video.

Overall: I would absolutely recommend BAM to all coaches and give it a 10/10. We also purchased some “holders” for the iPads and iPhones from iStabilizer. They connect directly to tripods and have made the whole set up much simpler.

Do you use Bust a Move (BAM)? How do you find it? Are there any other video delay apps you would recommend? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Next Steps

You can download or find out more about the app here.

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