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Embracing Technology

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App Review: My Class Depot

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Hi all. I’m new to the ConnectedCoaches community and have seen a lot of app/software review blogs posted on the site. I thought I would share with you my experiences of My Class Depot! I hope you find this review useful.

What is the app?

My Class Depot is an app created for freelance coaches providing one-to-one and/or group instruction.  It is designed to help freelancers with their administrative tasks which normally take up a lot of time.  The app can do these tasks in just a few clicks.

My Class Depot’s website lists the key features of the app as:

  • TEACHING SCHEDULE:  View your past, present and future classes at each teaching venue in a convenient electronic format on My Class Depot - compatible with Google calendar
  • RENEWAL REMINDERS:  Receive automated reminders from My Class Depot as your public liability insurance and first aid certificates come up for renewal
  • CLASS ATTENDANCE:  My Class Depot prompts you to input the number of participants attending the class - you're done in just a couple of clicks
  • AUTOMATED INVOICING:  My Class Depot will automatically submit your invoice directly to the teaching venue at the end of the billing cycle, with a copy to you

How do you use the app?

I am a freelance yoga and pilates coach.  I mainly teach group exercise classes at health clubs and corporate clients.  The features of the app that I use regularly are teaching schedule, class attendance and automated invoicing.

What system of the app do you use Android/Apple?

The app is currently web-based so you can log into it from any smartphone (be it iOS or Android).  You can also access the app on a PC, laptop or tablet.

On registering with the My Class Depot website, you are provided with your own dashboard where you can set up your profile and input details about your clients and sessions/classes.  I found it easier to do this initial set up using my PC.

Once this initial set up is done, I use the app on my smartphone to input class participant data after each class.  I have downloaded the app’s shortcut icon onto the home screen of my smartphone and this shortcut enables me to access my app account instantly on my smartphone.

Although the app is not currently available on Google Play or App Store, it works just as well on my smartphone with the downloaded icon.

What sports do you use it for?

I use it for all classes that I teach.

How long have you been using if for?

I have been using the app since its launch in 2017.  I really feel like I have been on a journey with My Class Depot.  The lovely team has taken on board my feedback and, where appropriate, released updates to the app.

How often do you use it?

I use My Class Depot all the time.  I teach several classes a week and My Class Depot has become essential to the smooth running of my schedule.

I often cover new classes at short notice, and these may sometimes be at new venues where I have not taught before.  When taking on new classes, I check my teaching schedule on the app to make sure that there are no timetable clashes.

Once a teaching appointment is confirmed, I input the details about the client and class into the app.  Where the client is one where I have already taught, this is just a matter of adding in the new class into the app as the client’s details are automatically saved.  Where the client is not one where I have taught before, I have to first add in details about the client (venue), and then add in the class.  For classes that I teach regularly, the app has a recurring class function so there’s no need to manually add in each class.

After finishing each class, I simply input in the number of participants in the class into the app on my smartphone.  The participant data feeds into the app to enable my invoice to be automatically generated after the end of each month by the app.  The invoice is emailed directly to the client on my behalf with a copy to me.

There is no limit to the number of clients that you can invoice in this way through the app, or the amount of classes that you can invoice for.

What were your first impressions of the app?

The app is slick and incredibly easy to use and navigate around.  The added bonus is that the app is completely free!

The team at My Class Depot team is always kind, helpful and able to resolve any queries I have in a timely manner.  They helped me set up the first few venues and classes so I could get the hang of the app.  They also went the extra mile to make certain modifications in the invoice formats to keep my clients happy.

There is a fantastic little video that I can refer to if I ever need a little reminder on how to do a particular function.

As a freelance instructor, I am often running from club to club teaching classes.  I was getting quite fed up of the time taken to fill in the club’s cumbersome paperwork after each class, coupled with the stress at each month-end sitting down and typing up my invoices on excel spreadsheets – a process which is inevitably prone to human error!

The app has done away with all that tedious admin, stress and error.  I can now simply submit the data into the app in a couple of seconds with a few clicks on my smartphone and let the app do the automated invoicing.  Not only has the app minimised my admin time, but the output is professional-looking invoices - which I never had before!  The invoices neatly itemise all the classes I have taught for the client during the month.

What functionality do you use the most?

I use all the functionalities of My Class Depot.  In terms of day-to-day use, the functionalities that I use most are the teaching schedule, class attendance and automated invoicing. 

How important is the functionality to your coaching and how would you rate the performance of this functionality?

I love teaching my classes but dislike the admin surrounding it.  For years, I had been wishing for a genie to come and help me with the admin.  My Class Depot is that genie!  I never thought I would say this, but I actually really enjoy doing my admin through the My Class Depot platform.  I now eagerly look forward to 11 a.m. on the 1st of each month, when the app emails out my invoices for the previous month’s work to my clients.

The automated invoicing functionality is really important to me.  Not only does it ensure that my invoices are automatically emailed out on time each month to my clients, but the app copies me into the invoice that is sent to the client.  Before I started using the app, I used either have a stressful month-end typing up my own excel invoices to send to clients or fill out dog-eared paper time-sheets by hand at clubs.  In the latter case, the time-sheets would serve as my invoice – only I never got to keep a record of them.  Not having proper invoicing records often made it difficult to reconcile payments made with amounts due, making things quite difficult between myself and clients when it came to queries about payments.  With My Class Depot, I don’t have to worry about excel spreadsheets or manuscript time-sheets.  The app generates neat professional-looking invoices and automatically emails them out to my clients after each month-end.  I can now dish out my invoice as evidence if ever I experience issues with payments.

The teaching schedule on the app is also quite cool – it is my digital diary and lets me quickly check my schedule for any given day – great when taking on covers to make sure that there are no timetable clashes.  In addition, if you have a Gmail account then you can connect the app with that so your classes will also appear on your Google Calendar.

I rate the performance of all the functionalities on My Class Depot very highly.  They are a perfect match for freelancers like myself who are looking to use technology to save time on admin, work smarter and at no extra cost

How user-friendly do you find the app?

The app is easy to use, simple and convenient.  Once my classes are set up on it, the app will prompt me to input the participant data after each class.  That is something that I can do in literally a couple of seconds on my smartphone.  The app then automatically emails an invoice out to the client after the end of the month (it can also do this weekly if that’s what your client requires).  The best thing is that my clients have paid me the right amount and on time for the invoices submitted by the app on my behalf.

Any cons?

Every time I think there may be a problem with the app, it is resolved by an updated/new feature.  I’ll give you a few examples:

  • I teach at different clubs, each of which has slightly nuanced requirements of what needs to be in their invoices.  There was some information required by some clubs that was not initially present in the invoices generated by the app.  When I informed My Class Depot about these, the team managed to resolve the issue by updating the app to cater for the different clubs.
  • Initially, the class attendance data was being emailed to the clubs after each class.  However, the clubs did not want to receive these emails.  This feature was therefore turned off and the class attendance data is now presented only in the invoices.
  • The drop-down list for venues was initially appearing in the order that I input the venue (rather than alphabetical order).  This was not problematic when the number of venues was small, but it soon became unmanageable for me as I teach at so many clubs.  When I mentioned this to My Class Depot, they quickly resolved this issue by putting the drop-down list in alphabetical order.

The app’s simplicity does however mean that it currently does not have more complex features.  For instance, the app does not store all your invoices.  You receive copies of your invoices by email, so as long as you are organised with your emails, this should not be a huge problem.

Whilst I am aware that the My Class Depot team cannot take on every single bit of feedback given to them, they make a huge effort to find out what’s important to their users and try their best to make life easier for us.

How important is it now to your coaching?

The app’s teaching schedule and automated invoicing feature are essential for my coaching.  I no longer have to stress at the end of each month about doing up my invoices.  The app does all that for me - meaning I can literally put my feet up and relax at month-end!  My Class Depot has made life so much easier for me.  I feel that without it, I really would be stuck!

Overall rating out of 10?

I find the app fantastic and would rate it 10/10!

Would you recommend it to other coaches?

Yes, I would definitely 100% recommend this to other coaches who are looking to use proven technology, in particular freelance coaches and instructors with multiple clients who they need to invoice.


Next Steps

To learn more about the app visit their website.

As well as the video earlier in this blog My Class Depot also has a facebook page, which is full of helpful tips about how to use the app.


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What an awesome review. Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out :)

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