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Posted in: General

Coaching Philosophy Activity

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  • samcallanfencing

    Does anyone have a good exercise/activity to lead a group of coaches through developing a coaching philosophy?

    I have lots of good information from Wade Gilbert and a couple of others, but I want to put together a workshop to help coaches develop a coaching philosophy.


  • robertkmaaye

    Hi Sam

    There’s an infographic in this ‘What is your core coaching philosophy’ conversation in the Coaching Children group that might be useful to incorporate into anything you do?

    Whilst your waiting for replies if you type in philosophy in the search engine a few other useful threads or blogs might pop up.

    It would be great if other members share any potential activities though so hopefully you’ll get a few replies.



  • Coach_Browning

    Hi Sam

    I have not specifically led a workshop or activity on this personally, but when I was in the process of reflecting on this topic for my own needs these are some of the things that I thought about and maybe they could be worked into an activity, possibly a reflective exercise where participants brain storm ideas??

    1) Philosophy of the team versus philosophy of yourself. 

    For me, I think that these things need to marry up in some way. If you want to play a real aggressive fast paced style that is full on, but you are a laid back/quiet person - do these fit. Can you do this? If so how? Will you be forced into situations that are not natural for you?

    As an example of myself, I like order. I like structure. I like rules. Therefore, my offence (I coach American Football) is very methodical and that is stated in its philosophy. We huddle to put the play in as that fits that mindset. Even when we go to higher tempos they are still within structured formats. I know that if I was to go pure no huddle style offences where plays are being called immediately and everything is going a million miles an hour I would be flustered and that would affect the team. So i have matched the offensive philosophy to suit me. That doesnt mean it is static. As I develop so will the philosophies.

    2) What is your aim for the club

    What is the club about? This will be different for different teams. For the team I am currently at (women's american football team) while winning is an important element it isnt the be all and end all of it. Some of the women are there because it allows them to be part of something. For them, the team atmosphere is just as, if not more, important than whether we win or not. So if you put heavy emphasis in the philosophy on winning aspects are you going against why the players are there? Now that isnt to say you cant drive them forward to get better. I think everyone wants to better themselves, it is more about the emphasis and the pressure you put on it. If it is in the philosophy then it is a core value that cant be compromised...

    3) What are your core values

    What sort of things make you who you are? What will you not deviate from? 

    4) Why are you stood on a field in the howling rain, wind blowing a gale, absolutely freezing?

    Basically, why am I coaching?! What is is about what we do that makes us do these things? Why do we spend all night watching game film or designing practices. Why do we travel all over the country? What gets us excited to do what we do?

  • AthleticEvolution

    Check out Brett BArtholomew's "Concious Coaching: a field guide" Activity 4 - Establish your training identity - seems really applicable!


  • kearneype

    Hi Sam,

    Probably too late for you, but may be of use to anyone else searching on this question in the future. This study guide (https://www.icoachkids.eu/_assets/files/documents/mooc-1-sgs/ick-mooc-1-ch2-study-guide-final.pdf) which accompanies the FREE online course from iCoachKids gives an excellent set of linked activities that could be used with some novice coaches when working through how to develop a coaching philosophy. 

    Hope it helps

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