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How do you promote your activities to adult participants? | Coaching Adults

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Posted in: Attracting Adult Participants

How do you promote your activities to adult participants?

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  • tabletennistom

    I'm keen to find out from other coaches about the methods you use to attract adult participants. Do you have a website, use posters, put leaflets through doors, advertise in local papers? What has worked for you? And what hasn't worked? 

  • LizBurkinshaw

    Word of mouth has been effective for me. Especially when I have asked existing adults who attend to tell other people. It's useful to have something online that then can be looked at so people can preview what happens in the session. 

    Ive also had some success with an article in local parish newsletters 

  • robertkmaaye

    Hi Tom

    You might want to consider testing twitter’s promoted tweets feature and use the targeted ads option to target those users classed as having an interest in table tennis (although you don’t have to limit yourself if you don’t want to)? It’s quite simple to set up and guarantees those you target will see the tweet.

    The cost depends on the type of campaign you run but in all cases (in my experience) you set the price you’re willing to pay. For example you could run a website clicks or conversion campaign where you are only charged for the clicks through to your website (say 25p per click). All the other engagements e.g. retweets would be free.

    The tweet (s) you set up might simply promote your services as a table tennis coach. Alternatively you could take a less ‘salesy’ approach (something I would always advocate). I know you have a lot of blogs and video tutorials on your website so if you wanted to take a more content based approach you could consider setting up promoted tweets directing people to them instead? You could test multiple approaches to see what works best.

    You can find out more about Promoted Tweets here should you wish too.

  • MatteJHart

    I find that Facebook and Twitter are quite useful. Every so often we will post a photo of our adult gymnastics class with the session details and then parents of existing club members will like and share it. Often they will tag their friends and have a conversation back and forth right there in a thread of comments on the photos, which is great because I get notifications and can answer their questions.

    A video is really good. Sometimes we have adults want to come and try but they are worried that others will be far more advanced than them. I like to share a short video showing beginner level participants in action so potential newcomers can hopefully relate to what they see.

    It's a bit old fashioned but a free "bring a buddy" session works well every so often. People may feel unsure about coming along but if they can try once for free often the attidue is "Well, I may as well. What have I got to lose?". We'll do one of these if I hear several of my current class members have friends who are interested and flirting with the idea of coming along but it sounds like they need a nudge.

  • LizBurkinshaw

    Adult gymnastics! Sounds fun. I'm assuming there's no leotards required ;) 

  • Snoo

    We keep our social media accounts up to date and post regularly through Facebook and Twitter. We ask our members to like and share anything that the club posts (there's like a 30 minute window for maximum visibility on facebook so get clicking as soon as the club post comes up). We have printed fliers that club members take to their local gym, workplace, library etc. (and a website with promo videos, player profiles, info etc) People bring friends to our games and that spreads the word. Games are advertised with posters, fliers and through social media (planned updates every x days leading to the event). News sites and local papers publish stories relating to our charity fundraising efforts - that's a great way of getting publicity, whilst raising money for a good cause. We run a drop-in class every week with some hire kit so that anyone can have a go without strings attached. It's very popular and many continue to become full members of the club and get a place on the team. Club members wear club t-shirts to promote club when out and about for some extra publicity. We haven't tried leafleting doors or advertising on local papers as the other methods have been very succesful. There are so many ways to get publicity but I think the key is to get all members to promote the club in all different ways, big & small (it's so easy through social media these days as well)!

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