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How do you develop decision makers under pressure in your sport? | Coaching Adults

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Posted in: All other topics on coaching adults

How do you develop decision makers under pressure in your sport?

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  • NicCorrigan170184

    Hi - I am looking to speak to other coaches who have some experience in Decision Making under pressure. I am currently studying this area and wanted to look at other sports for their experiences and potential approaches for both my Professional Doctorate and Long Term Assesement at UKCC L4.

    Thank you in advance.  Nic

  • Coach_Browning

    Hi Nic

    Sorry - been all over the place recently so missed this but a very intersting topic. I'm more than happy to chat about this .

    Are you looking at coaching players to make decisions under pressure or coaches making decisions under pressure.

    I coach american football and we have both! From a coaches point of view, while it seems very stop start to those watching there is a lot going on - and a huge amount of information to process very fast. For example, on a play the offence will usually have individual coaches watching the secondary, linebackers and defensive front. What they see on that play is then fed back to the Offensive Co-ordinator (who is usually calling the plays) to help him make a decision about the next play.

    That play then has to be called to the offence, communicated to all the players on the field, the players have to line up and the correct cadence undertaken - all in a few seconds.

    Communication channels need to be very clearly established to make this work!

    As I say, more than happy to talk through anything that might be of help to you.

  • saranicolehilton

    Hi Nic,

    This is a great topic. Developing good decision makers is key to invasion sports.

    Within my environment (football) I try to cater every session to decision making. I very rarely take an autocratic approach. Even at grassroots I try to encourage decision making, however it is the number of decisions within a practice that I restrict. Furthermore, if I am working with 10 year old I may place them in a situation where there are 2 options and they decide. Whereas if I am working with a 14 year old, my session place them in situations where they have more decisions, thus the complexity increases.

    In my opinion the biggest thing that will dictate the success of a player's decision making is the relevance, pace and realism of the drill/practice. It MUST mimic the realism of a game in terms of pace, possibly area of the pitch (pitch geography) and be relevant to them/their position.

    I would be happy to discuss this topic further laughing

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