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Mind changing effect. Hypnosis and the effects. | Coaching Adults

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Posted in: All other topics on coaching adults

Mind changing effect. Hypnosis and the effects.

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  • pippaglen

    Hypnosis and what impact it can have on athletes performance, I'm interested to find out home many of your athletes have taken part in any hypnosis to help with confidence, fear of failure, or to help with performance. 

    I had my own experience of hypnosis and very scared to do it too, 9 Years ago I stopped smoking using a book called stop smoking with Alan Carr, an excellent recommendation, it took me 24 hrs to read the book and then listen to the cd. Since listening to the cd I have never looked back or even thought about smoking never picked one up, in fact I can't stand the smell. This has obviously worked for me.

    Recently I have been following a lady called Marisa Peer and listening to some of you tube conferences to see what she is all about. She states that she has hypnotised many top athletes (no name) to help them become more confidante, to help with failure of not winning and to enhance their performance through hypnosis. 

    • Have your athletes ever had Hypnosis to help them during or before competition or for some other reason.
    • What impact did it have on there performance?
    • Did it work for the athlete and would you recommend it?
    • Do the athletes have more confidence.
    • Have you ever taken part in Hypnosis? 
    • What was it for, did it work for you and what impact did it have on you.

    For me I would definitely say its had a massive impact on my life, pocket, health and personal hygiene and families health. 

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