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Feedback for coaches | Coaching Youth (age 13-18)

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Coaching Youth (age 13-18)

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  • Daveg

    Hi, Like many I have a void to fill at present - lots of CPD opportunities been taken.

    One thing I would like to do is to get feedback from my athletes - what do they like/not like about my coaching, what activities do they think they gain the most from/do they feel are a waste of time, etc........

    Does anyone have experience of doing this? (is it a good idea!?), have you examples of questionnaires or techniques used? I work mainly with teenagers 14-19, but also adults.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated

  • jcoadyukcoachingorgSYRQSHZ2

    Hi Dave, 

    That's a great idea. I have tried this myself and talked with other coaches and there's no one shoe fits all approach. What I’ve found is…you know your group of people young people as a collective better than anyone so it’s a trial and reflect approach or more familiar ( Plan-Do-Review on loop). A few things that have guided me…

    The approach questions -

    • Why am I doing this?
    • When will I do it?
    • What am I going to do with the information I receive?
    • How will I react to the information I don’t like or agree with?

    The process –

    • Is sense checking during a session with some open questions enough to know if I am having an impact or engaging my athletes?
    • Am I setting up the session correctly and what open questions will be welcomed and effective?  
    • Asking some open questions at the end of a session? (This for me worked but I needed to be consistent and appreciate that not all athletes want to talk. After about the fifth session I got some relaxed ‘honest’ answers).
    • An end of session/week/month anonymous survey. I’ve used this monthly and some coaches have used it weekly through an app. In both cases, it was received well by the athletes because they didn’t have to put their name on it but the athletes started to feel more comfortable to share verbally, face to face as we continued the process.

    The reflection and action –

    • It was important to me that I took the good with the bad.
    • Having more of a critical lens than a deficit lens was beneficial for relationship building and my coaching practice. ( and my confidence) J I was doing some great coaching.
    • Doing it regularly normalised the process made it less emotive and highlighted some trends that supported some behaviour change in my coaching.
    • I haven’t extended this process to social media channels, but I have heard of coaches using different apps including whats app with parents in the group to share their feedback of the session and ask for some.  

    I hope that’s helped. It was good to reflect thanks for bringing that up Dave. The UK Coaching website has some great resources on feedback. In particular… Planning and Receiving Feedback from the People You Coach and Self Analysis and Feedback Questions. The link below should take you there. https://www.ukcoaching.org/misc/search?query=feedback&order=relevant

  • scottsynergiecoachingcom207KV0SJ
    Hi Dave, I have used online polls for this - felt this works as athlete can post anonymously. Only caveat I had was that whatever worked or didn't work for them they had to put a rationale/reason as to why it did/didn't work.
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