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Being an independent coach. | Coaching Youth (age 13-18)

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Coaching Youth (age 13-18)

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Posted in: Coaching Youth (age 13-18), General Forum

Being an independent coach.

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  • pippaglen

    Well I have just a very strange telephone conversation with a man from another club. One of my athletes is wishing to compete in athletics competitions however I have advised him he may need to be registered in a club to do this, with a athletics club being closer to where he lives and that the track I coach on isn't a club as such I advised him to join his local club and I will coach him from there instead of him having to travel to attend my sessions. Before I could coach him on that  track I needed to find out if  I was allowed to turn up on track and would I be required to pay to coach down there. My athlete and mum are happy to do this and advised that they didn't want another coach to coach him they wanted me, I was overwhelmed with there decision.  I called the club and asked will I be required to make any payments to be able to use the track and did I need to register as a coach for their club records. I was advised I didn't need to pay but I would need to register if I had more than 1 athlete, I advised that I only had one athlete who lives close to the club and the others are based at another club, he then went on to say it was a bit odd that I was only coaching 1 athlete. I then felt the need to advise him I was also a disability coach and coached other athletes at another club and that the other athlete is wishing to compete and needed to be registered with a club to compete, again he referred to the fact that I only had one athlete and that was odd, I was starting to feel a little awkward and thinking this man isn't listening. after I had already established that I had others and coached alongside another coach. 

    HELP!!!! Please an any of my athletic coach friends advise me if I need to be registered as a coach to coach at a club, I feel a little odd just turning up!!

    Is it odd I only have 1 athlete that wants to train local to where he lives. 

    I felt slightly uncomfortable when being told it was odd I was only coaching 1 athlete. 

  • GeoffWood


    Difficult to respond not knowing the full history but all I can say is that, as a swim coach, if I'm not registered with Swim England I do not get any insurance cover (public liability being key) so I would always recommend being registered.

    I do not understand the attitude that it is strange to be only coaching one athlete. That is your choice (and I appreciate you coach others separately) and as a fellow coach I would respect that. There are many times I wish I did not have 30 swimmers in the pool and only had 1 per lane to be able to provide better individual feedback but then again I enjoy seeing the bulk of the club progress at their own rate as well and seeing so many smiling faces pushing their technique, endurance and speed and the High 5s they give the coaching team on leaving every session

  • pippaglen

    Hi Geoff! 

    Thank you for your response. The only reason I'm an independent coach is due the previous club I was with  started folding they no longer had training premises and we started to loose athletes. I Left the club and was unsure if I wanted to continue coaching due the experience i had. I then went back to the old track to see if I could find some inspiration to find a coach coaching disability athletics,  I asked if I could help out 2 days a week which I have been doing for the past 4 years I didn't realise that I would be working with international, invictus and para athletes. This is when I became an independent coach along with the coach I work alongside, I'm insured to coach independently and I also have separate insurance that also covers me.  

    On Saturday mornings I coach able bodied athletes. I'm now coach 3 athletes.   I have since asked them to join their local club and put me down as lead coach this is so they can compete.  The athletes come from different clubs to my training sessions, I make monthly and weekly plans for each individual athlete and their needs. I feel this fits around my lifestyle. 

  • GeoffWood

    Great news, Emma. Just started coaching my first 'classified' athlete and she is a delight because she  just loves being there

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