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Parents kicking off | Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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Posted in: Managing Parents

Parents kicking off

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  • Laurenhollowayxx

    So I have a great group of parents in terms of bring their kids to training, support my decisions as a coach etc. 

    However my biggest problem is parents  getting involved when things kick off on field. There is a strong policy in rugby that no parent/spectator can enter the pitch. 

    Two occasions where something has happened between kids on field this year parents have get the need to get involved and enter the pitch to have their say to the other teams coach/parents 

    i have had some strong opinions exchanged   Between myself and these parents where they try to justify their actions.  Two occasions this season some of my team have  resulted into fighting on field. Followed by parents then getting involved. This obviously turns ugly as people from either side are sticking up for their own. 

    I try and teach the kids the attitude that if someone gives you a sly dig or hits you then let your rugby do the talking. Parents disagree with this and say to their kids if someone hits you hit them back. 

    Im really struggling to find a happy balance with parents about this. The kids are playing  a game with a high level of contact so it is likely little fights will occur but they need to start trusting coaches to deal with the situations. 

    has anyone else experienced anything similar?

  • MikeA



    have you tried introducing a players/parents/coaches code of conduct that they have to sign at the start of the season. We do this at my rugby club and this has worked really well.

    Happy to share what we have done at my club if required.



  • GeoffWood

    A code of conduct is key but then has to be adhered to.

    This should, in my opinion, specify what the sanctions would be for breaking it. We have different ones for Coaches, Athletes and Parents and ultimate sanction is banning from the club.

    To introduce it all the coaches need to be involved and it should be launched to the whole membership (including parents) so that due process can be seen to occur.

    Your governing body should have sample ones I am sure that you can plagiarise to suit your circumstances.

    If you already have one then implement it.


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