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Adapting your coaching for mixed ability | Welcome and General

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Posted in: UK Coaching's Curious Coach Club

Adapting your coaching for mixed ability

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  • ejonesukcoachingorgU9HCTGKW

    There has never been a better time to look at how we adapt our coaching to cater for mixed ability groups.


    The Curious Coaches Club will be joined by Paul Hughes and Louise O Tool this week to explore some key ideas that will help with

    • Understanding what adapting means to us as coaches, for participants and why it is important. 
    • Top tips and some tools to help you to adapt your practices

    Join us and expert guests on Monday. If you would like to start or join a conversation about this subject, please get involved by relying to this post

  • AyeshamaynardoutlookcomJ9Y4ZTEB
    Hula Hoops instead of Netball goal posts. Netball do have post that you are able to change the height but we find a hula hoop is great is bigger it came make a larger hoop to score and can be placed on the ground or be held.
  • nlevettukcoachingorgVN2WN26D

    A 5min video! Just posing a few rambles following the Curious Coaches Club today about the STEP model and how we need to consider the implications of this further than just making the change to the practice.

    What does this mean to the individual or groups? 

    What are the knock-on effects to other areas? 

    How do we know what change we are going to make?

    How can we observe to see if we are making a difference?

    Thoughts welcomed...

  • jcoadyukcoachingorgSYRQSHZ2

    Great session this week on our Curious Coaches club. Definitely worth a watch or listen when you have time. 

    Key terms: All open for further discussion. 

    Mixed Ability - Varied levels of educational or physical activity ability in your participant group. 
    Differentiating - To recognise a difference in ability and adapting a task to allow all participants to engage in an activity.  
    Inclusion -  All people, regardless of their abilities, disabilities, or health care needs, have the right to be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities/team. 

    Some questions to consider  - 

    1. Are we aware that every group we coach is a mixed ability group? How well do you know the people you are coaching? How do we identify who needs support or stretch and when they need it? How do we introduce this effectively?

    2. How do we plan for our session? What informs our planning? 

    3.  If we look at the Space Task Equipment People model in detail what lists can we make of each category to support our planning? Who are we sharing this with? Are they in our sport? 

    4. Do you know that when you change one part of this model i.e Space, it will have a ripple across other areas of the 5Cs ( Confidence, Competency, Character, Commitment, Control and Concentration)? 
           -What does these words mean to you, your coaches and your athletes?
           - Have a think about what those ripples might be and how you spot them?

    5. Do we know how to adapt our coaching session and why it's so important to do so? 

    6. How can I use the STEP model to plan, adapt and ignite my coaching practice? https://www.ukcoaching.org/resources/topics/guides/subscription/understanding-the-step-model

    7. What is the relationship between the STEP model components and the 5Cs? 

    Check out some of the resources (blogs, articles, infographics) above to help guide you through the questions and dig a little deeper. 

    Happy to hear feedback or share further thoughts and conversation :) 



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