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Posted in: General

Using nicknames

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  • Coach_Browning

    Was just scanning various things and came across this little post...


    It refers to adressing players by nickname or real name and I thought it was an interesting bite to think about. 

    I have known players completely and utterly referred to and known by their nicknames - to the point that famously a player once didnt realise his mother was talking to him as she used his real name.

    Whilst that is an extreme case I am wondering how others approach this subject. There are a million different variables here, and I wouldnt want to limit thoughts, but things I can think of are:

    1. Does using a nickname for a player change the relationship between you? The team?
    2. Is there a difference when coaching a team rather than an individual? does that personal relationship make a difference?
    3. The difference between a coach and player/team generated nickname
    4. how would other players view a coach generated one - do they potentially cause unintended harm for the player?
    5. What if you dont agree with a player/team generated one - but the player him/herself appears fine with it?

    I am sure others can think of more...but interested in people's approach and views.

  • garylambert

    Interesting indeed.

    I have never and in fact would never create the nickname for my players...just not my style. Too many potential issues

    As a matter of my memory processes I will always learn real names first as I believe that there are times that you will need to utilise them to build the most important aspects of feedback, to maintain that professional distance and objectivity when dealing with them and such.

    Have just looked back through my last squad book for euros and I have written out real names for each match and would have given them out as such at selection. Its a national squad and so it fits with the professional approach I ask of the players for conduct and preparation

    However, then the team culture comes into play. I have then almost been forced into accepting and using nicknames during the match and training that have become so entrenched and ingrained into the squad and individual's psyche that they can even fail to respond to their actual name in the heat of competition...so yes I do then bow to the squad culture. (there are also duplicate names in the squad so nicknames do help clarify who youre speaking to at times)

    thats just me and my foibles

  • IanMahoney

    we all us nicknames to call some quicku like SB instead of shouting Simon Browning, it takes time to call aname and games are played at alarmin rate with notime to move away or move in to tackle.

    It does change the role between pers or the coach.

    Many people already have well estabised nicknames, by nou using them, you become unrelatable and ultimatly lose touch.confidence between yo player, othe players and fans alike

  • Hydra

    I tend to coach sports where nicknames are the norm -- capoeira and roller derby both have a strong alter ego culture.  

    In capoeira the mestre names you and it's a matter of pride to be given a name.  

    In roller derby you tend to choose your own name and it's a self-empowering process that allows you to express your personality.  

    The hardest part is when you start by knowing their "real" names and revert to those in a training situation.  But it has the same ramifications of impacting the relationship with the athlete and how you are viewed by the team.  

    Essentailly, the conversation will be the same whether nicknames are teh norm or not... you need to understand what the athlete wants you to call them and stick with that.

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