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Posted in: General

Learning by 'osmosis'

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  • Richard2591

    Quick thought, has anyone got any research on learning by osmosis? It's often a debate that learning can take place as long as you are in a teaching environment, and that you can learn not necessarily by 'doing'

  • I don't know if these two attached papers will be of any use - regarding how coaches learn to coach. They touch on formal vs informal learning etc.

  • saranicolehilton

    This is an interesting topic. You're right, there's A LOT of debate surrounding the topic of 'Learning by Osmosis'.

    In my opinion it's difficult to adopt just one method of learning within a sporting setting. Furthermore, I can speak to one player about a certain tactic or how I want him/her to play and they may completely absorb it. On the other hand I could adopt the same method to another player and they would not absorb any information. So if you as a coach can implement various teaching/learning strategies that can ensure that both types of athletes/players can absorb the same amount of info then you're doing your job as coach. Tough job I know!

    I do find learning by osmosis really interesting. Personally, I have tried using some methods of psychometric methods within my training sessions - for example I may set up a practice with certain rules and restrictions placed on the practice that may encourage players to attack down the right side. I will not specify this to the players but the session itself encourages it. This is because I want the team to attach down the right during the ficture on the weekend as I know that is an area of weakness of the opposition. Sometimes this can be really effective but not at other time.

  • Richard2591

    Thanks Dannielle!

  • Richard2591

    Great comment Sara, would the last statement be attached to learning implicitly then by doing? For example, when players are in the 'flow state' they absorb and retain the most amount of information?

    I would say this also from a personal perspective that I learn most on courses by taking part and feeling the practice so to speak! I think this is also linked to supposed 'learning styles' - apparently there isn't any.. which I kind of agree on! More preferences of learning?

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