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Posted in: General

How does this help you?

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  • dustya13

    I have recently joined and am really keen to understand how this forum has benefitted you and your athletes?

  • IanMahoney

    On this site coach's of any sport and/or disipline will sahre tips and ideas on an infinty amount of subjects.

    You might find a tip or idea you incorprate into any sport you coach.

    Then in turn you will share the idea with any other coaches you meet whether it is in your particular sport or a diffirent sport.

    A boxer might have a idea fishermam/woman can use for example or an American foootball coach may share an idea that a bobsleigh coach might find useful.

    see anything that sounds intresting. click the link and you may find 10-20-30-40-50 articles on the subject. I am a fairly new member (in the last month) and have used an idea from this site in my capacity as an endurance running coach, which has an immediate impact on my athletes and my ability to be the best coach I can be,

  • dustya13

    Thank you Ian and great to make a connection. I am a huge advocate of shared learning through the experience of myself and others - our coaching craft can become stale if we stand still and don't look to improve, advance and deepen our knowledge.  Different methodologies, innovations and creative thinking go a long way to ensuring the players are at the centre of their development regardless of their aspirations.

  • pippaglen

    Hi Dusty!  great to see you on cc.  I'm sure with all the coaches on here you will receive a great deal of excellent information as well has help and advice.  

  • dustya13

    Hi Emma and thanks for connecting

  • Coach_Browning

    Hi Dusty - and welcome

    I agree with the comments outlined above. When you are so involved in your own sport it can be easy sometimes to think that you are the only one with those problems. For example, doing an amateur level minority sport (American Football) has its own specific challenges doesn't it? How could table tennis help me?

    Well, what I have found is that everyone is having the same problems, no matter what the sport! Some are at a high level, and some are at the grass roots but the core is there. As mentioned above, if you have a problem then the chances are someone has already talked about it and can offer insight into how they solved it.

    However, what I have found to also be useful is almost the flip side to that. 

    This community area allows a coach to present ideas to peers. What this has done for me is helped to develop those ideas in my own head. So through the action of creating blog posts I have been able to bring what I am doing together in my mind and both reflect and refocus on what I am doing. 

    For example, writing a blog about leaving my previous club to take up a new post made me reflect on the impact I had had on my players (https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/10/welcome-and-general/blog/Coach_Browning/249/how-will-they-talk-about-you-once-you-have-gone)

    Through this process of writing, I realised that there were things that I could have done better and have now highlighted these as areas of development for myself in my new club.

    Hope this helps

  • robertkmaaye
    On 03/05/16 9:33 PM, Simon Browning said:

    So through the action of creating blog posts I have been able to bring what I am doing together in my mind and both reflect and refocus on what I am doing.

    If anyone like Simon is ever interested in writing a blog there is more information on how you can in the communities participation guidelines under 'Blogs'.

    You can read all his blogs in the Welcome and General Group to date here. My personal favourite is Cardiff Cobras series (2.3): Reflection!

  • garyfowler

    Welcome Dusty

    As one of the initial members of Connected Coaches I can definitiely attest to it's benefits.

    I'm sure like many coaches here we used other social media platforms to connect with coaches predominantly in our own sport. 

    CC's timing was excellent. Just as twitter was becoming a place for the 'i know more than you' crowd and the lemmings that spout the same as everyone, CC was doing the opposite.

    I've found here you can pose any question or thought and you'll get genuine honest, real responses. People want to share knowledge and learn from each other rather than just showing off how much they know more than you in 140 characters.

    Add in the fact that you have coaches from many other sports and you get an exposure that you wouldn't have had otherwise.


  • lthorp

    Welcome Dusty!

    Connected Coaches has been a great resource for me and my coaching. It’s a place that has really challenged my own thinking and approaches. I echo Simon and Gary in the fact that sometimes you can become too involved in your own sport which closes you off from so much brilliant advice.

    I have certainly benefited from Connected Coaches as it has allowed me the chance to learn lessons from different sports. I’ve found so many useful tips and ideas that, although from a different sport, very much apply to my own.

    I find this is a great place to discover creative ideas and honest opinions from a variety of different coaches who are all committed to developing themselves and others. You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge on offer here and I’m sure you’ll add to it!

  • Hi Dusty and welcome to the forum!

    It's a great resource for coaches - if you have a question that needs answering or want to learn from other sports, it's all here. 

    Personally it has provided direction for my sports coaching dissertation and helped solve problems which I have amongst my own athletes.

    It's also very interesting to hear how other sports coaches approach the same matters and recieve a different, objective perspective.

    Hope you find it as useful as I have :)

  • StevieP

    Hi Dusty and welcome to the community!!

    I see a number of comments have already been left regarding sharing of experiences and I have to say that for me this has been one of the huge benefits of being a member.

    Understanding how very different sports address their coaching challenges has been a real source of learning for me. In addition the warmth, friendliness and willingness to support and contribute from like minded coaches in this community makes the site a real bonus.

    You would probably pay serious money to get the opportunity to access this knowledge in other ways!!

    Kind regards


  • KateO

    As everyone else has said, it is a great opportunity to look out from your own sport and learn from the experiences of others in other scenarios.

    I also like the fact there there are a number of coaches on here with good links to academia and they can often provide really solid reasoning for ideas and theories. 

    It is also a 'judgement free' area where I can ask questions if I am stuck or test out new ideas. 

    Hope you enjoy ! Welcome! 

  • CoachFeedback

    Hi Dusty,

    Being a coach from outside the UK I've found this forum a great place to learn what other countries are doing within coach & player development. The wide range of coaching views from a wide range of sports is fantastic. The openness of all coaches contributing to the forum makes the forum unique. I find the wide range of discussion topics, promotes you to think about the way you are currently delivering your own coaching & program.  As highlighted in numerous discussions on the forum, coaching courses offer a certain level of coaching education but the ability to hear views & learn from other coaches with similar mindsets is invaluable towards ongoing coaching development. I always take away some little gem to assist my coaching & thought process . I would certainly encourage new coaches to join.

  • Clenchiecoach

    Hi Dusty,

    I guess this site is a two-way thing for me.

    Dropping in most weeks, I usually find something of interest, whether it's something new or a historical thread. 

    What I've found most enlightening is how coaching transcends different sports. Whilst the techniques and skills are different for the athletes, the powers of motivation, guidance and encouragement remain the same for the coaches. This has inspired me to get out there, away from my own sport (Football - Everybody's an expert!) and watch coaching and athlete behaviours in different environments. I'm not sure I would have explored this had it not been for some of the forums and blogs on the site and I'm learning each day.

    The other benefit, for me, is the chance to contribute and write regular blogs. It's critical that we learn and evaluate from our own experiences (and mistakes!) Bringing together all random thoughts and putting them into a written piece has helped me evaluate the past and continue to improve. Sometimes when all these little ideas are spinning around, putting them in an article helps to line them up and make sense of how to implement or learn from them. Hopefully this process has been helpful to some of the other members or at least triggered new thoughts and ideas. 

    I enjoy being part of the community. I've picked up some very good things in a few months!


  • Jakebrown853

    Hi Dusty,

    When I saw your post I had exactly what i wanted to say in my head immediately!

    I then scanned some of the comments below and saw so many common themes. 

    1.  CC helps you get out of your own particular sporting bubble. (With reference to Ian Mahoney)

    As i joined the community i got welcomed by a number of coaches who said "IM HERE TO HELP" almost immediately. Some of these coaches I have connected with on a behaviour management issues to take one example. Looking at the profiles of the people who i am speaking to shows great diversity in sports but also in experience. I have connected with a PHD in behavioural issues (I know I am safe in the knowledge) and i have connected with coaches in a similar situation to me. (New, Determined, Focused, Open to learn).

    2. CC give voices to people (Add my weight to what Simon Browning has said)

    With this statement which seems like a big one, I mean if you want to get involved with getting your ideas out there CC are great in encouraging you to start something. I have been writing blogs on my football coaching philosophy. This is an essential part of moving through the pathway of The FA to coach. I felt full of ideas and contradictions of what MY philosophy was going to be, i felt pressured by it. I started a blog and have realised that through writing what my philosophy is at this moment, but happy in the state that tomorrow i could adjust and adapt it. As this is always a work in progress. 

    3. You find real people (Tip of the cap to Gary Fowler)

    I found that reading posts and replying to them maybe asking for some context or more information you can find a solution to something even of you don't know the answer immediately. As this is what this is, A Community, and we are here to interact in a personal way. You wont get someone replying to you with an answer loaded and trying to trip you (which may be social medias downfall) but looking to find a solution to your issue or further discuss your topic.

  • StoolballCoach


    I really benefit from being part of Connected Coaches; I always find something helpful and insightful; whether it's other coaches' experiences, top tips or just an interesting angle. 

    Being a member is a real help to me at Stoolball England (NGB). I'm in the process of putting together Stoolball England's first full coaching programme and will be applying for funding to help deliver it. Connected Coaches has already given me lots of ideas and I'll be looking to learn from others who have already gone through this process, so I am very glad to be a member!

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