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What about them adapting to us? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

What about them adapting to us?

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  • Coach_Browning

    For the purposes of debate...

    ...As I read through the threads on this site, one of the overwhelming areas that comes out is related to how, as coaches, we should always be adapting to the player. Be that our coaching style, our activity, how we talk to them etc...

    But what about the other way? 

    What about players needing to adapt to the coach's way of doing things?

    Where is the balance? Does it change with different situations/levels/sports?

  • jturner83

    Hi Simon,

    Great question. 

    I think level has a lot to do with it. I think the higher you get, the more you see the 'my way or the high way' type of attitude from coaches. I think the more you get to participation (grassroot) and getting more people in to sport, the onus is on the coach to retain participants, because frankly, they don't have to be there and you are dealing with a diverse range of partipants. As a higher performance coach you do get unique personalisities, but you tend to have athletes who are driven and focused on improving performance. Also, I think higher performance coaches are given more professional respect from participants and people tend to listen and take on board what a professional tells them... 

    Few thoughts on my break.


  • Coach_Browning

    I wonder with the higher level end, if it is more driven by the profile and the media. A few bad results and the media are usually clammering for the resignation of the coach. Is it more that if that is the case then the coach is thinking that if he/she is going to be held accountable for the team performance then they are all going to do what he/she says? Are we creating these situations where high end coaches are tentative to allow players to express themselves for fear of the backlash?

  • JonWoodward74

    Another great post Simon - It has to be a balance, as it is with how you coach (notionally command vs guided discovery), and is dependent on so many factors as you as an indivudal coach, who you coach (an individual, a team, and within that team the individuals, the groups within the team) and the goals being aimed for - both your goals and the athletes goals, as well as the level of performance, the sport, the environment

    Nobody said coaching would be easy - and it isn't!


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