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Have you put your coaching before your family life? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

Have you put your coaching before your family life?

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  • pippaglen

    For the love of coaching I have found myself in a predicament with my job, I've spent the past 7 years coaching but only 2 of those in full time paid employment working throughout schools. I absolutely love coaching hence the reason I'm a coach.  There are down falls to being employed as a coach only having a 40 wk contract, not getting paid 12 weeks of a year. I have run and setup sports clubs through the summer holidays but again it'***** and miss even when children want the sport's the parents can't always afford the cost. 

    I have sent many week's having to make a decision regarding my family and coaching.  Leaving my current job to find a more stable job. 5 weeks ago I went for an interview as a cleaner due to my coaching contract ending and having no work or income coming in,  having a large family I had no choice but to look for other work. At the interview I was told your too over qualified and we can't offer you the job however with the qualifications you do have we can offer you another job but you will have to come back for a 4 hr  interview and 2 exams.  I went for the interview,  passed the exams and was offered the job as a Support worker for the homeless.  

    Proud of myself but also sad to say that I shall be leaving my employed coaching roll,  all isn't lost as I will continue my coaching roll voluntary with my many coaching qualifications.

    Have you put your coaching before your family life? 

  • Coach_Browning

    I think that it is very easy to get sucked into spending more time on the coacing side than family side. What a lot of people dont realise is the amount of time that is spent outside of the immediate coaching environment. 

    All the training session preparations, the organisation behind the scenes, logistics, admin...then in my sport you have things like film upload and then the film study - which can take hours to go through properly.

    I am usually doing something coaching related every night. Luckily I have a wife who understands why I do it

  • pippaglen

    Simon your right,  I love the planning side and being able to put the plan in action,  my partner isn't so understanding he is the opposite to myself hates sports and everything about sports, he quite often tells me planning should be done in work time, however when you coaching all day everyday it's not possible and having 5 children the only quiet time is in the evenings, He doesn't realise how much work is put into coaching,  like teaching if you don't know what your doing there is no point as it will just get messy.   I hate using the same game more than twice so I'm always looking for new and exciting games and ways to improve my coaching.   

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