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Posted in: General

Help needed ... 3rd year dissertation!

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  • Hello everyone, 

    I know a fellow coach posted earlier about her dissertation but since that time I have enrolled into Uni to complete my 3rd and final year (Sports Science and Coaching) after taking 2 years away to get married and have a baby! Its all been a little last minute!

    I am completely stumped with a topic to use for my dissertation! I am more science minded (foundation degree was in Sports and Exercise Science) although resources are limited at the college I attend. Currently thinking of going along the lines of exercise trackers (fitbits, apple watches) and whether they are motivational (maybe links to obesity or health) .... or barriers to participation in my sport (ice skating). Does anyone have any suggestions or tips that can help me narrow it all down and focus in on something more specific? Or even topics which may be interesting to explore! It's only(!) 5000 words ... but thats too many when you have no clear direction!

    Many thanks guys! :)

  • Coach_Browning

    Does your dissertation have the requirement for you to collect data of some sort as part of it or can it be purely theoretical/academic?

    if the fomer, then the first thing to think about is who do you really have access to? That will start to help narrow it down by the population itself.

  • elmo1202

    An exercise tracker study would be an interesting one to complete. There are many questions raised over accuracy for measures such as heart rate, sleep quality and diet tracking (and how these work together to achieve personalised goals).

    One potential method would be to analyse the differences between proven methods of tracking against new wave trackers, for example, heart rate monitors vs the Nike Fuel Band or the Jawbone Up Move.

    For the barriers to ice skating study, i would suggest looking at specific barriers for individuals with lower income as a traditionally upper class sport (potentially formulate reccomendations on how the sport should attempt to increase participation in C2DE classes).

    Best of luck!

  • LizBurkinshaw

    Could you compare the effectiveness of the wearable fitness technology on its own vs the technology with coach support? 

    Id love to know how coaches can add value to this technology to actually change people's behaviour to becoming more active ( even when they stop wearing the technology) 

    i agree with the suggestion to look at making this technology more accessible for all so it's not the domain of only those who can afford the technology in the first place...

  • JohnMC

    Hi Dannielle

    If you want to combine your interests it might be good to research the impact of Apps on ice skaters. How well do they work considering that Apps are generally for stepping sports (walking, running) rather than skating?

    Perhaps an App has other benefits around motivation rather than feedback that work better for skaters? You could compare the pros and cons of different Apps maybe through trials and make suggestions about how Apps could be improved for skaters.

    Another option would be how do coaches use Apps to help skaters improve in-between lessons? Are there tasks a coach could set and monitor virtually over the week?

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Thank you so much for your suggestions, they are really appreicated!

    I was at first going to go down the exercise tracker / wearable technology route but I think I would find it difficult to data collect ( a requirement of the dissertation) as not everyone owns one. There are some journals out there on these but they are limted and I think I could possible make my life even more difficult by going down this route!

    Currently searching journals / information on barriers to participation in figure skating - as I think data collection could be a little easier as i have access to the ice rink and also the governing body who I hope will provide me with participation figures and then I can compare with other countries numbers.

    I'm hoping I have a little more direction with it all now - it's been rather stressful just getting to this stage and compilation of it hasnt begun!

    Thanky you!

  • sarahcmgeorge

    Hi Danielle,

    Good to see you on here! I too am doing my final year and researching for dissertation. If we can share resources that would be great as I'm gearing mine towards ice skating, focusing on female adult participation as I did in research methods in the foundation degree. Have you decided what your area is? If I can help, be it providing a pilot group or circling questionairres let me know.

    Sarah. :)

  • Thanks Sarah - I'm liking the sound of your study and if I can be of any help then please let me know.

    I decided to concentrate on Barriers to Participation in Skating ... and I'm taking it from the parents perspective so concentrating on school aged children. It's very interesting indeed! :)

  • sarahcmgeorge

    Ah fab! Do you want to look at the barriers the parents face also or just the children? I'll look through my resources as some of this has popped up and let you know what I have to send you. 

  • It's just from the parents perspective - thank you. 

    If you need me to get some questionnaires filled in for you, or any interviews etc then just let me know - happy to help! What's your topic concerned with - solely participation levels or why they may / may not participate? I may have some useful journals x

  • sarahcmgeorge

    Ah lovely, thanks! I've directed it towards adult females over 50 and the reasons they come/would come more etc. My tutor pushed me in that direction to talk about it from a business point of view, to keep them coming and increase group participation. I'm doing a focus group to begin with. Do you have adult only sessions with mainly females over at Blackburn? 

    Will keep my eyes peeled for parents views on skating and other sports to compare with. 

  • Yes I teach an adult group on Saturday afternoons with over 50's females participating. We have a decent amount of adult skaters which is good.

    Thanks hun x

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