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Coaching dissertation... But what should I do? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

Coaching dissertation... But what should I do?

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  • Paige4359

    For weeks now I've been thinking of what to do for my dissertation.. And after many journals and books I've decided that coaching is my main interest. And so with this in mind I was wondering if anyone had any excellent ideas of what to research to add to my list of potential ideas for my project!! Thanks 

  • LizBurkinshaw

    You could look at what skills and knowledge coaches will need in the future?

    Will they need business skills; the ability to rigorously demonstrate the benefits of participation to new funders; an understanding of motivation and behaviour change; skills to engage people who are not active to become active?

    Look at future trends of an ageing population, technology and how coaches will have to adapt to these changes over the next 10 years

  • JohnMC

    Hi Paige. What subject are you studying? Coaching is such a broad area from elite to grassroots but if I knew what you were interested in I could tell you what 'the industry' says it needs from research.

  • Paige4359

    These ideas are excellent!! 

    I am studying a sports coaching degree and so I am studying pedagogy, coaching theories as well as coaching practice which I's very wide in regards to choosing a specific thing to research!!

    This is why I am having such a problem choosing something!!

  • JohnMC

    Perhaps an idea would be to look at how coaching theory comes into practice. This sort ot knowledge transfer i ssomething coaching is notoriously bad at – and it would allow you to cover all aspects of your degree.

    If you’re after a list of topics to consider here is a link to the results of a consultation we did with universities and sports about what they think they need.


  • Paige4359

    This is excellent information!! I originally wanted to look into participation of children and young people (2 of the options) which gives me more of an incentive to look into these areas!!

    For example: how does a coach increase participation in children and young people through motivation? 

    I think this might be an interesting subject of which coaches could use to help motivate their own teams/athletes through using other coaches methods. 

  • Good luck with it Paige! 

    I'm returning to uni to finish my degree (after 2 years and a baby!) and it will be a Sports Science and Coaching top up .... and this is my greatest worry as I have no idea what to do my dissertation on! 

    An area which could be interesting to research is coaching with technology ... especially as most children know how to use a phone /tablet with super quick speed! 

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