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Posted in: General


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    I would welcome your opinions, please. I have recently been asked to coach an adult with a lip piercing. I was hesitant to allow the adult to take part in the session and the person refused to remove the piercing. Advice has been sought from our 'governing body' and they say ' we can only highly recommend that the piercing is removed, if participant refuses then make a note on the risk assessment accordingly'.   My trustees have ok'd this too. I am still uncomfortable with the situation but will go ahead, as the participant has had the risks and our concerns explained and is willing to take the chance.... 

  • KevinG

    If they are adult then sadly there is nothing you can do other than recommend 

    As long as you have identified the risk then its up to them if they decide to take it . The only recourse you have is that if you deem it to be a risk to other participants . On those grounds you can ban the person from taking part or insist that they remove the piercing ....Very frustrating situation !

  • Hi Diane, 

    If the participant is an adult, then I think there is very little that you can do. Can you not get them to sign something to say that they will keep the piercing in at their own risk? Then at least you have yourself covered, along with the risk assessment?

  • KevinG

    sadly you cannot absolve responsibility by the participant saying anything

    ultimately if a third party gets hurt YOU as the coach are responsible ...please remember that

  • IanMahoney

    Dependant on sport, especially contact sports piercing are dangerous not on;t to other participants but to the particular athlete.

    EG it could be pulled off in a scrum and bleed risking infection and anything else (other viruses) that might be in the blood, that could be passed on to first aiders.

    If you make this aware to the athlete, be polite about "Remove piercing(s) and cover hole with a simple plaster" they are all the more likely to take it out. without having you mentioning it again.

    Non compliance ...... I'm sure the NGB will be very interested!

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