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Posted in: General

Participation trophies

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  • Coach_Browning

    On my phone quickly but just listened to this...

    Hopefully it comes out. But it is the Louisville women's basketball coach talking about participation trophies.

    It is a topic that has come up before - apologies for no links - but I do have a lot of time for what he is saying. Interested to get other views from here

  • dancottrell1

    Great video because it stirs the pot.

    The key is not "losing" but the consequences of "losing".

    Sport is amazing because there's always next week. You lose this week, you could win next week, or lose by less, or put in a performance that you are proud of.

    I don't believe in man-of-the-match awards, or player of the season awards either. Good coaching helps players realise how well they are doing and why are they are doing so. It doesn't need a trophy.

    For a coach of a pro-team, then the consequences of losing are a loss of salary (or a big redundancy package!). That's quite a consequence...but there's always another opportunity. And for the players it's the same.

    We should be focusing on the here-and-now for the game and after the game. what we can do to improve for next time. If someone needs a trophy to ensure they turn up for next time, then I think we are not working in the right way to develop our team or our sport.

    In other great blogs on this site, there's plenty of excellent advice on retaining players, maintaining concentration, motivating better performance. Trophies don't help. It comes from within. If a player doesn't turn up next week or decides they want to muck around this week, should we be doing more than just producing great sessions and learning experiences? No. Bin players who aren't engaged in your excellent coaching, or coach better. 

    In the end, coach those who want to learn or enjoy participating - those things are not mutually exclusive of course but that's for another blog post.

    In summary, spend club money on your own advancement as a coach or the enhancement of the learning environment, not trophies for turning up. And enjoy losing - like you would enjoy the 22 mile of a marathon. 

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