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Posted in: General

Half-Time Interval

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  • Goldenhawk16


    I'm investigating a coaches perspective of the half time interval ( football , rugby ) & how coaches approach it? 

    How do we optimise this time in terms of performance & coaching?

    While nutrition & hydration form an important element of the interlude - I'm more interested in how top coaches communicate , analyse the first period and then prepare/reset the team for the second half ?

    All help & guidance appreciated.

  • Nollzer

    Great topic. Certainly, started out, relying on old school methodologies of focusing too much on the negatives and using over the top emotional outbursts, where the expletives were interspersed with a few words of English. Nowadays, I would contemplate on what to say, how to say it and the outcomes required. However, it is contextual and there is a time and place for the odd rant.

    Recently, I based half time on a Dartfish panel. The stats were recorded on an iPad and the report, screened via Apple TV (hotspot) to a tv monitor we brought along. In addition to this, additional information was mirrored to the Tv using the CoachNote app. This was a college team and an exercise in using cheap available technology to have a fact driven pre match and interval communication session. It worked well and the players were certainly engaged. 

    I subsequently, posed a few performance questions and wrapped up with a game plan for the second half. 

    Look it is a bit of a hassle, lugging a TV, setting up a hotspot, and praying it works. Try it. 


    a. How much input from players

    b. Discussion structure

    c. The role of paralanguage

    d. Wrap up

    The bottom line is 

    a. Players will only remember a very simple message at half time

    b. Concentrate on the solutions not the problems.

  • Goldenhawk16

    Hi Val, Appreciate your feedback.It would appear that many inter county teams have set protocols surrounding the half time period. My proposed qualitative investigation would seek to complement, rather than replace, existing protocols. Practical recommendations concerning the implementation of such strategies may be beneficial for the sports scientist and/or coach.

  • Nollzer

    As players come in, 

    a. Medical assessment and report as warranted

    b. Hydration, refuel, strapping etc. Change of Jerseys, socks  in wet weather. Cold compresses in warm weather.

    C.  Have used Mindfullness techniques to calm team if necessary, prior to message. Makes them more receptive. Mgt group meeting, quick review. Stats driven. Decision on substitutions, tactical changes, message to be conveyed. Individual one on ones if required by performance

    b. Statistical KPI feedback led by manager, feedback from players

    c.  Second half game plan

    d. Warm up , brief.

    Also tried AFL approach

    A. steps a,b. As above

    b. Team in broken up into offensive and defensive units. Review questions, posed to players. What are we doing well? What are their strengths and weaknesses. Suggestions given by subunit designated leaders. Discussions led by assigned coaches

    c. Manager observations, KPIs, and gameplan

    d. Warm up.

    Some teams are left alone for last few minutes. 

    All sections of half time are of course timed and schedules. Personally, I am a fan of individual stats, positive emphasis.

    if you have the technology, video feedback of two positive aspects of team performance, led by questions.

    just a few ideas. 

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