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What are the best / your favourite coaching films and why? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

What are the best / your favourite coaching films and why?

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  • robertkmaaye

    Hi All

    Just a bit of fun but we were having a conversation in the office debating what the best coaching films are and why. I won’t list them all but films like Mighty Ducks, Friday Night Lights and Karate Kid were mentioned for a variety of reasons!

    What do you think are the best / your favourite coaching films, and importantly, why?

    Look forward to reading your replies.

  • Petecw29

    McFarland USA and Coach Carter

  • pgmeyers

    Remember the Titans

  • robertkmaaye
    On 17/01/20 5:09 PM, Pete Williams said:

    McFarland USA and Coach Carter

    Ah yes Pete...how could I forget the brilliance of Samuel L Jackson in Coach Carter! I haven't seen McFarland USA but will be sure to check it out.

    We are probably going to write a post on coaching films for the resources section on UKCoaching.org. If you get chance it would be great to hear why these are two of your coaching favourite films.

  • robertkmaaye
    On 19/01/20 4:28 AM, Paul Meyers said:

    Remember the Titans

    Thanks Paul! I hadn't heard of this but just searched IMD and it looks like it would be a fascinating watch. Some very noteworthy names in the cast...including the great Denzel!

    Similar to my reply to Pete when you get the opportunity it would be great if you would share the reasons why it's your favourite and we can include it in any write-up smile

  • DavidGoodman

    Good choices! And thank you for the McFarland suggestion I will be looking that up. 

    As a 'left field' suggestion how about 'Made in Dagenham', I really like the way Albert (Bob Hoskins) interacts with Rita (Sally Hawkins). I think there are lessons for leadership and coaching in those exchanges.


  • Clenchiecoach

    Hi Rob,

    A film called 'Radio' starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Great story showing how sport can involve anybody in a community and how important it is in bringing us together.


  • Marianne

    Not necessarily my favourite, but 'Field of Dreams' is a good one for thinking about how we create a coaching 'space' that attracts people to become part of. 

  • stewmasterathletecomGIMOCP9R

    MacFarlane is a good shout

    4 Minute Mile

    Personal Best

    Track Town

    and of course Chariots of Fire

  • B2ASports
    1986 Movie - Hoosiers
  • GeoffWood

    Stars and Water Carriers - about the 1973 Giro d'Italia showing how everybody in a team has a crucial role to play, not just the 'Stars'

  • simonaspinallhotmailcomMI35DZ4Y
    Glory Road - shows growth in head coach Don Haskins where he moves from dictating his team to guiding his team and adapting his coaching style to benefit his team. Hard to watch this day in age due to the racism of the era but a very good film. Shows the troubles the team had off the court as well as on the court and how Don Haskins maintained the teams motivation even in the toughest adversity. Highly recommended
  • dbrodandgungmailcomJ1PCSYHG

    This is a great five minute watch not just for my sport but all.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqxUS74ac5s

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