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Posted in: General

Coach Happiness and Wellbeing

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  • LizBurkinshaw

    Being a volunteer coach in sport has been shown to make you happier, less anxious and improves your self esteem, emotional  wellbeing and resilience. 

    How do you think being involved in coaching is positive for your mental health and wellbeing? 


  • paulhutchin

    I agree. I have definitely gained a lot from coaching cycling to youngsters in our Go Ride club. I think it's more than just the satisfaction from being involved in volunteering, I also think  I'm learning from the kids. Their resilience, enthusiasm and willingness to learn rubs off.

  • LizBurkinshaw

    Thanks Paul for sharing. Its good to know that you get a lot out of your coaching that positively contributes to your wellbeing. Learning new things is one of the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' and part of the 10 Keys to Happier Living. Long may your Go Ride coaching keep contributing to your wellbeing :) 

  • Craigblain

    I am with you there!

    I spotted a conversation thread in here about "Top Tips for a Happy and Health Coach" and my initial thought was this post exactly! The question was to the affect of, "What do you do to look after your mental health as a coach?" My initial reaction was to coach. That is my means to an end!

    Being able to help others is such a blessing. Having the ability to contribute to my local community and help people to achieve with my support gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. 

    The fact that people come back still perplexes me at times!

  • pippaglen


    Hi Liz. 

    I think for me it has taken a long time to gain confidence with my coaching and coaching others, its really only been this past year after nearly 11 years of coaching that I  have been proud of my achievements as a coach and have noticed a change in the way I coach from being a negative coach to becoming positive in what I deliver and how I deliver my sessions. I think this is due to years of digging for information, advise, help and guidance when I have needed it. I did worry quite a lot about what people thought of my coaching and if I was coaching right, I was always doubting myself and questioning what I was doing. I had no confidence in my own coaching. I have gone back to becoming just an athletics coach and not coaching other sports, I have combined all the different sports I have learned and crossed them over to make some fantastic training session. 

    I'm now proud of my coaching, proud of what I do, have less stress not feeling the need to impress. My athletes are doing amazing all because I'm now content and happy with what I'm doing.

    Its taken 11 years to realize this.

  • kimberlad


    Totally empathise with your first paragraph, not sure I've reached paragraph two yet; but I'm only 7 years in :-)





    I really appreciate the honesty in your post and am glad that you are more comfortable in your own (coaching) skin. Take and give care. Ian

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