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Is society killing creativity? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: General

Is society killing creativity?

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  • kbrown

    So... me and a colleague was having a great conversation about this topic last week and during our conversation we came to the conclusion that we think it is! 

    Then... last night i was sent a short film (8min), created by Pixar, which illustrates the very point we was discussing. I think... in a nut shell that coaches has a fundamental role in breaking societal norm and embracing creativity no matter what age, ability, gender, race, background.... I also believe that coach education and learning can play a pivotal role in embracing creativity as part of coach education and to empower coaches to think as far are they dare to dream, thus challenging the societal norm of coaching and how it is generally perceived by others! I would be really interested to open up this conversation and hear your thoughts :) 

    Happy viewing

  • andrewb62

    That is a beautiful little film, Kelly - thanks for sharing.

    But is it “creativity” that is being killed, or the simple joy of ‘play’? I guess the two might be two aspects of the same thing - creativity implies new ways of seeing, new solutions; play might be defined as engagement in an activity for no reason other than joy in that activity, to find out what happens at the end.

    I do agree that coaches have a role to play in reinvigorating PLAY, in whatever form that takes.


  • kbrown

    Thanks Andrew! I love the short film. 

    Hmmmm now you are onto something! To put a little context behind why i chose the word creativity...

    Me and a colleague was talking about how we have to constantly fight against societal norms when it comes to learning design, and how much of the Learning and Development professionals face this challenge. In the same conversation we also spoke about how we regularly meet young and budding new learning professionals who have already given up the fight after been constantly told no, it wont work, stick with the same old etc... you get the point. 

    So... in short i think societal norm and the fear of the unknown can often suppress the desire to be creative and in turn reinforce societal norm behaviours in 'new pups' who are full of zest, ideas, creativity and PLAY! 

    Then... a day or two someone totally unconnected to that conversation sent the ALIKE video... which completely reinforced the conversation. 

    I totally agree with you about PLAY... i once heard a quote! 'Man does not cease to play because he grows old, he grows old because he ceases to play! 

  • andrewb62
    On 03/10/18 13:38, Kelly Brown said:

    'Man does not cease to play because he grows old, he grows old because he ceases to play! 

    Well, I certainly hope to keep playing until my knees or my back grow (too) old...then I’ll have to find another game! laughing

  • Coach_Browning

    Technology is advancing so rapidly. How we are able to interact with our environment and the speed at which we can is almost unrecognisable from even 10 years ago. 

    When I was younger, computers were not a thing. Those that did exist were large, bulky, cumbersome and limited. Now I can have a mobile device control a camera and see instant replays of things that have happened. Share that around a collection of people, each with their own devices. 

    My point is that maybe we are not killing creativity per se. It is just that we haven't yet caught up with what we can do yet. Maybe the speed of the change is scary to some so we retreat into our comfort zones. At the same time though, the younger generation is coming through and all they know is the new technology. Then the two clash. 

    I remember myself needing to properly embrace social media for the first time. I have gone into the season with my printed play books to give out. I had an email address they could use. What happened? Only a few read the hand outs and only a few ever emailed me.

    We make the move to social media and suddenly interaction goes through the roof. Ive got players messaging me at all times - their times-  I have them talking between themselves. The playbooks go virtual and people are reading them. 

    Again, the point is that maybe we arent killing creativity, we are just slow to keep up. 

    If we are willing to explore and embrace the new technologies, then I think we will be fine.

  • jacobdf

    It's not just "society". It starts with our school system. Check out this little story that was written about 75 years ago. https://janebluestein.com/2012/the-animal-school/ I think little has changed since then. 

    As coaches we need to recognise the different abilities that people have and find ways to help them to develop those abilities. Rather than having some standard model of how a certain activity should be carried out we need to learn how to use those abilities to best effect.

  • Wendyrussell

    I love this video clip!

    reminds that everyone is different and we don’t want to all be the same! Find that something that inspires them and do it just because!

    I always put “play” into my coaching session. Just a go and have fun part.... to see what they come up with, so I guess that’s the creativity part coming in from them. 

    As children we learnt a lot by playing, yet as we got older told that was not the right way or the done thing! Yet it is ok to give a child some LEGO and go crazy!

    When looking at it from an art point of view. We give pens and paper to children and let their imagination run wild., with no instruction on what to draw etc.

    You never hear an adult telling a child when they hand over their art work....well that not very good, or hear them giving instructions on how to draw through the process. They just play and are creative. Can we do that when “coaching” give them a few tools and let them fly! 

  • kbrown

    I love this and think yes we can!!! Why not give them the tools and let them fly!

  • MarkPeters

    I think successive governments have stifled creativity by marginalising the arts, narrowing the curriculum and celebrating compliance - easy to measure...

    It will be down to individuals who are in control of their own environment to provide children with opportunities to express themselves, explore, problem solve and be creative - it is happening more and more in sports coaching environments and a minority of schools. 

    If you are in control of your coaching environment then ensure it happens there and if enough of us do it then we can contribute to a ground up cultural change.

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