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Posted in: Feedback and Suggestions on ConnectedCoaches

Forum for Coach Education Developers

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  • CoachWYSE

    Would there be any value in a forum/group for those people interested/active in the role of developing a coach education/development workforce ?

    I'm doing some work with British American Football (on a volunteer basis), and whilst I've got some experience in developing people and programmes, it might be a good place to share learning.

    I've reviewed http://www.sportscoachuk.org/people-who-develop-coaches/coaching-system and there are a lot of dead links on there and, of course, no easy way to interact with other colleagues doing the same role.

  • robertkmaaye

    Hi Jon

    Hope you are well. We are just going through the process of upgrading the platform that ConnectedCoaches sits on at the moment. As part of the process I will see what we can do about potentially adding a group like this or maybe a forum 'topic' within a group.

    Regarding the dead links on the website page you mentioned I will have a word with some colleagues and see if these can be fixed!

    Thanks for the suggestion



  • LynneWalker


    Yes this would be of interest as to get the best coaches we have to have the best possible coach education. I currently work on the programme developed by sportscotland for a PDA (Professional Development Award) in Sports education tutoring, awarded by the SQA.

    It is well worthwhile reading the International Coach Developer Framework as a starting point. This is now available as a PDF to download, just search for it.

    I think this thread also links to parts of the topic on CPD for coaches.

  • anfy

    I found it very interesting reading the International Coach Developer Framework as it echoes much of what I have been (unsuccessfully) saying to those who "govern" my sport. As a professional trainer and course-developer for 30+ years, I have been trying to get across the message that experience in the sport (often without any coaching experience/qualifications) does NOT immediately qualify someone to become a coach tutor and, even worse, write and design future courses. (they skills may not be mutually exclusive, but, from the results, I am beginning to suspect they are!)

    It will be interesting to see how this proposed forum develops. I suspect mine is not the only sport where "jobs for the boys" is deemed more important than making sure that the current directive approach is replaced with a far more facilitative approach. Unfortunately the latter requires a suitably qualified workforce - the elephant in the room! 

  • KevinTKD
    On 29/03/16 3:05 PM, Anthea Dore said:

    (they skills may not be mutually exclusive, but, from the results, I am beginning to suspect they are!)

    I don't believe they are, and hope that myself and my wife are proof of that. But then we are both language teachers with 20 years of experience of writing courses.On the other hand, I have seen a course that has been piloted by our NGB that clearly was not written by a course writer, so I think this kind of forum would be extremely helpful, not just to exchange ideas but as evidence for the need for greater training in this kind of role.

  • CatherineBaker

    Would be very happy to support such a group.  As someone who has coached (tennis), and who has had the privilege throughout my working life of both writing and delivering a whole range of courses now (both within business and within sport), I know that they keys are:

    • the right content (not just in terms of material but also in terms of format - ie practical application, learning by doing etc);
    • delivered in the right environment;
    • by the right person.

    You can have a brilliantly written course, but if it's delivered badly, it won't provide the benefit and learning it should to the recipients.  Similarly, a great tutor/facilitator/presenter can keep an audience engaged for so long, but if the content isn't right, it will soon fall down. 

    A good idea Jon and I look forward to seeing how it is developed.

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