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Welcome and General

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  • pippaglen

    I don't know about you guy's but for me ideas start flowing when I'm in the car,  today on my way from picking my Twin daughters up when on my way back I had a great gaming Idea for Kick Ball rather annoying when its in the car whilst your driving. I asked 1 of my daughters to pick up the writing pad from the footwell of my car and asked Her to write my idea before I forgot. 

    Have you ever had an idea and didn't get chance to Wright down and then forgotten it?

    Where do you have your gaming ideas?

    How do you note them down so you don't forget.?

  • StevieP

    Hi Emma, I know exactly what you mean when an idea comes to you unexpectedly, and always at the least easiest time to jot it down!!

    I've invested in a cheap mini recorder/dictaphone to capture my thoughts in such situations - we don't always have a pen and notebook to hand.

    As I'm usually the first one up in our house in the mornings I've made a habit of dedicating 30 minutes first thing to just sitting (usually in the garden with my cuppa) and tapping into my creative mind, armed with a pen and paper and just seeing what flows. My most recent creative thought session has given me some useful ideas about a Mind Focus workshop I'm currently developing

  • pippaglen

    Thanks for your reply Steve.  I love it when I have new gaming Ideas I suppose it's similar to a singer when writing a new song or album.  I'm wondering if you can get a dictations app.  As you said it's not always at the most appropriate time when ideas  unexpectedly pop out, I really don't like forgetting them. 

    I don't get much time in the mornings I'm too an early bird but don't get much morning thinking in having 5 children, a full time job with the extended house work seem to take most of my mind and thinking space. I tend to get most of my ideas in the car when I'm relaxed or when I'm driving between jobs. 

    I suppose looking at what we are talking about comes under one of the older conversations about using technology,  well again a dictaphone is technology. 

    Mind focus workshop sound interesting! Keep me posted, sounds good. 

  • StevieP

    Wow sounds like you are a busy lady!! But I'd rather busy than mind numbing bored. I agree with what you say, I believe our best thoughts come when our mind is relaxed enough to accept them.

    I'm rather excited about the new workshop and will definitely keep you posted

  • pippaglen

    Is the workshop for athletes or coaches or both?

  • StevieP

    The original thinking was aimed at athletes, however since I started fleshing it out it became apparent that it would also benefit coaches - without giving too much away (its not finished yet) it's about focusing on the 1 or 2 primary/core aspects of your performance that will considerably increase your opportunity for success

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