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Posted in: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What was your last learning experience?

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  • cchapman

    I have recently joined Blinkist, a app that summaries a vast rage of books.  They are summarised into 15 minutes books or audio books which have 'blinks' that highlight a key message or point.

    On the way back from a meeting (on the train!) I read a Blinkist on the book, 'The Creative Habit'.  It reminded me that creativity is a muscle that has to be worked and worked regularly.  Just like any other skill it can be improved by repetition and discipline; this becomes a routine, which in tun becomes a habit.

    Our creative identity is seen in the patterns of our experiences.  It suggests creating a habit of carrying a tool of the trade such as a dictaphone or pen.

    organising your ideas and even creating a store or in my case a folder!

    It encourages us to challenge our assumptions and keep 'some fuel for tomorrow'.

    I have started a new ideas book, and begun to create a window in my schedule when I design a me game, practice or coaching scenario.  This is all great for the creativity aspect of my personal development but the real enjoyment and challenge comes from taking the ideas and delivering them on the field.

    Looking forward to hearing about your last learning experience and how you have utilised it in your coaching.

  • LawrieOK

    The Matheny Manifesto - solid values and faithfulness to these, no matter what or who!!!

  • pippaglen

    I Chris,  I'm always learning,  on Wednesday I joined England throws coach Phil peat at the local athletics track. A great coach,  he was coaching disability throws.  I was intrigued into how throws was achieved as I had never seen before. 

    Again a great experience and learning curve for my own personal coaching development.  

    Hopefully I will be helping out on a regular basis and learning more.

  • Quiet1

    Love the type of synoptic audios or short reads which capture the highlights of books like you've described. Have you seen Philosopher's Notes? Very American but similarly loads of goodness in easily digestible chunks. 

    My last (almost complete) learning experience - MSc in Sport Coaching at Leeds Beckett University. Would recommend it to any coach who wants to be better at what they do - it really has had a huge impact on me as a coach and person. 

    In the past I would have described myself as a football coach. Now I would say I coach people, and football. 

  • rjhunt7712

    I recently completed an fa online cpd webinar. i felt it was great  as it had 4 different parts relating to a specific area to do with futsul and after each part there was a short quiz to test knowledge of what u learnt and how you can put the knowlegde  into your own coaching practice within the club setting you coach your sessions xx

  • cchapman

    HI Lawrie, thanks for your response.  I hadn't heard about the Matheny Manifesto so decided to look into it further.  I found this (thought others would like this) and the book is on order.  Thanks for the heads up





  • cchapman

    Hi Krissi,

    Thanks for the follow up, I like Blinkist as it is cheap and has podcasts and book summaries.

    As a member I can give people a two week trial, let me know if you are interested.  I can send you a link.  I always encourage coaches just before their holday :-)




  • cchapman

    Hi Krissi,

    Do you want me to send you a link for the free trial?  If you do email please with your email address and I will arrange.




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