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CPD how much are you willing to pay for your personal development. | Welcome and General

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Posted in: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD how much are you willing to pay for your personal development.

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  • pippaglen

    I applied for a strength and conditioning coaching course at Nottingham university. I sent my application form in and within a week I had a reply.  I was invited for an interview.  Really excited I needed to know a little more information about the course so gave them a ring.  Brilliant Course again exciting opportunity.  However the course costing £4000,  having 5 children I've had to say No to the interview due to the amount and something I can't really afford.

    Really burst my bubble.  

    How much would you be prepared to pay for a course to better yourself?

    Do you think courses are getting more expensive? 

  • CoachTaff

    If you're interested in learning about S&C there are weekend or even a few day, 2 day courses out there. Just have to maybe maybe start off on a level 1 course and working your way up the level so in your own time.

  • pippaglen

    Thanks Taff

     They explained these ccourses,  they are  currently doing one for £2999. Over many weekends sounds good. 

  • JonWoodward74

    Hi Emma - its a great point! We as coaches are encouraged to be life learners and ensure we are developing and learning all the time. I am a big fan of informal CPD, and find things like this and Twitter as valuable resources of information, as well as being an avid reader of books (or at the moment an avid collector of books as the 'to be read' tower grows ever higher on my bedside!)

    The cost of CPD is a challenge and I look at the cost to complete vs the output, which could be more employability/deployability, the benefit to my athletes, etc


    I would guess there must be other S&C courses out there that may be useful for you but not as expensive...

  • pippaglen

    Thanks Jon 

    Like you I'm a Cpd geek,  kobo is my baby for reading as I don't always get time to go book shopping.  

    I will have alook round at cheaper options that are more affordable.  If not looks like saving for next year's intake. 

    I feel if cpd wasn't done our jobs would be very boring and definitely the kids would get bored with the same old sessions.   

  • Erin

    Hi Emma, 

    I always find that when looking at the CPD courses available, which ones will be most value for money and help me and in turn my athletes. I like using a variety of methods to improve and sometimes just watching other coaches is often just as good.

    I was lucky enough to attend an England Hockey Junior Regional Performance Centre Coaching Observation today. It was an informal set up but allowed me plenty of time to observe the high standard of play and coaching. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions to the centrally contracted coaches who were exceedingly helpful and keen to develop my understanding of what was happening. Knowing that today's session cost me nothing but petrol money, I am very pleased with it. 

    Hopefully you will find a session that will be available and worthwhile for a good price! 

  • pippaglen

    Thanks for your comment Erin.  I love Hockey, I use to play many years ago. 

    I'm just looking at a few other options at the moment investing into some really good S and C books,  looking at a S and C  book by author John cissak £28 and no petrol needed as I can download it, just a good Internet connection.    

    It's great to get other coaches opinions and Ideas, I'm very greatful for this as I'm sure other coaches asking simular questions are too. 

    Has anybody got any other S and C books they can recommend.  Pleeeease 😁 

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