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Good and valuable CPD | Welcome and General

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Welcome and General

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  • Rsmith0907

    So CPD is valuable to us as a coach to either collect, confirm or challenge us as coaches. 

    But how can we make this just as valuable or valued as a qualification level?

    it can be the the difference to solving, helping in what we need help with. 

    Discussions and views please well received 

  • RobChapman

    Hi Rus,

    I think CPD is a very valuable tool. As a Gymnastics Coach I can say that there doesn't seem to be much from the Governing Body other than qualifications (which can be expensive) and very little that I would class as CPD which improves coaching methods or updates the teaching of individual skills.

    Sports Coach UK do provide a lot of CPD although it would be nice to have more courses in my area as you do have to travel quite a way for some courses and they don't always come up that often.

    I would like to see a nice mix of Sport updates and Coaching Methods provided by governing bodies and others, these would need to be inexpensive or free to encourage uptake from coaches. If Coaches eventually get licensed and need to regularly attend CPD to ensure they are up to standard, then it is even more imperative that good CPD is made easily accessible to maintain and improve on standards of coaching. If this CPD is put in place before licensing occurred then it may reduce the number of coaches being downgraded or removed from sport.

    There may not be steps to licence Coaches but I still think sports and coaches would benefit from varied and easily accessible CPD and Sports Updates.


  • Rsmith0907

    Yes I think the experience or value is very different one sport to another. So In the football world rob you get accredited CPD for attendance online webinars or workshops , face to face or at organised events. This keeps your status as licensed coach. However I could just attend to tick a box and sit on my phone all night. 

    3 hours - L1 and 5plus Level 2 -5 every season is the requirement.

    Has pros and cons.

    The industry is changing though with CIMSPA overseeing with partners like Some NGBs, StreeTGames, SCUK and others are working on Approved CPD menu to all coaches to link and accredit coaches to be just as valuable as a qual,or part of the journey shall we say. 

    I've learned loads more with informal CPD or with colleagues than I have on a formal Qual.

  • RobChapman

    Hi Rus,

    I agree about the informal CPD, attended a couple of sessions run by the West Mids Gymnatsics Association and they were great. Loads of tips of preps, conditioning and supporting, and they were only about £15/30 for a half day. really picked up a lot. for Sports Updates, they are the way to go I think.

    I do like how you get formal CPD in your sport, hopefully BG will think along those lines soon.


  • Rsmith0907

    So it's how those valuable short snippets that suits wether it be chance to network, link with others and observe can mean something.

    Often deemed with the bug bearer question- "What level Coach are you?" Rather than what need as a coach do you want to address. It is personal to you rather than if I'm level 1,2,3,4 etc. Doesn't mean I'm on a hirearcy , just that I want to learn "something" I.e-technical or managing Behaviours or new ideas etc to help in my setting. 

    We all have busy lives but this way and affordable menu or online menu can only help us and a bonus if can happen in my setting. 

    i think the change is happening industry wide but not a fast process.

    I'm interested to find other experiences from their sport also

  • alpedro

    I have raised the idea of CPD with my fellow coaches (Lawn Bowls Indoor Bowls Club) and to be honest, they looked as though I just swore at them!

    What is it about trying to learn from each other from other coaches who found some silver bullet that can open doors for athletes?  I was a Teacher and then I taught Teachers and was a school inspector, so for me CPD is absolutely imperative.  Can I get any?  NO!

    Why can't governing bodies do something and not just award (that's a costly laugh too!) qualifications?

    Surely CPD has been discovered in Coaching land?

    Anyone know of local - that is not in Surrey - updates for Coaches?

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