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Posted in: Coaching Top Tips

top 5 coaching tips

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  • mickb

    1. Have clear aims and objectives to all yourr sessions and share these with your learners

    2. Clear communication, don't assume that your learners know what you want.

    3.Engaging challenging sessions, with progressions if needed.

    4. Always be their for your learners

    5. Coach the person not the sport, invest in your learners.

  • StevieP

    Welcome to Connected Coaches Mick, and a very interesting first post.

    I shall give my top 5 some thought and share these shortly

  • JonWoodward74

    Great quesion Mick - and welcome to the CC!

    I can't disoute your tips to be honest!

    You might like this: The Need to Coach the Audience and the Spectator - an old blog of mine that covers some of my top tips....



  • CoachFeedback

    Mick my top 5 coaching tips in no particular order:

    1 - Be your genuine Self. 

    2 - Look to be progressive with everything you do.Take the time to Reflect, Evaluate & Analyse your coaching delivery & program. Continually look to research & learn.

    3 - Take the time to recognise, know & support your players. Their backgrounds, their needs, their motivations, their strengths & weakness, their aspirations. 

    4 - Be clear & well planned with what you are trying to achieve within each session. Ensure your communication & vision is clear, concise & understood. 

    5 - Create an environment that promotes challenge & learning without the fear of making mistakes. Without mistakes we can't learn & improve.

  • andrewb62

    Hi Mick

    I always find it difficult to keep to just five top tips - there is always something else to add!

    But if I could have your 5, and the other contributions, I might then add a few of my own (acknowleding that in places I am paraphrasing what has already been submitted):

    1. Make it FUN – for the athletes and the coach.
    2. Make it relevant – to the athletes’ developmental needs and interests.
    3. Make it (appropriately) challenging, so that the athlete experiences both success (lots) and failure (but the coach needs to be there to catch them when they fall).
    4. Make sure you have a “plan B” – whatever it was you wanted to do, make sure you have an alternative, in case the venue, or the participants, or the weather have other ideas.
    5. Make it better, every time – keep learning!
  • Mgkcoach

    1. Keep it fun

    2. Allow the learners opportunities to devise their own challenges & outcomes

    3. Be a clear communicator and an active listener

    4. Develop a reflective practice approach to your coaching - What Went Well, Even Better If.

    5. Keep learning, Invest in yourself

  • _NT_

    1. Aim your session at what the learners want/need based on their feedback and your distilled observations. Not on what YOU want to coach.

    2. Ask the group what they want to do and compromise that with what you planned.

    3. Ask for feedback and blend those outcomes with what YOU think they need.

    4. Make your session outcome based eg prep. for next comp. or event.

    5. Don't over emphasize results focus on participation and FUNdamentals and enjoyment.

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