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Australia Cricket: If you were Darren Lehmann how would you repair the damage? | Welcome and General

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Posted in: Coaching News

Australia Cricket: If you were Darren Lehmann how would you repair the damage?

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  • robertkmaaye

    Hi All

    Interested to know what people's opinions are on the Australia cheating scandal and the impact it will have on Head Coach Darren Lehmann?

    It has come out that he had no involvement or prior knowledge of the plan to alter the condition of the ball & this was something solely carried out by 3 members of the team (Captain Steve Smith, Vice Captain David Warner & Cameron Bankcroft)

    So if we are to believe this (some people find it hard to!) then his most senior players have put him in an incredibly difficult position on so many levels (undermining his authority, culture he's trying to build etc etc).

    I was wondering...

    • How would you feel if your were Darren Lehmann right now?
    • How would you approach managing the difficult situation he finds himself in?
    • What would your approach be for getting your authority back/repairing the damage?
    • Has anyone had an experience where members of your team have let you down? How did it make you feel? How did you manage the fallout within your group?

    As always look forward to reading your replies and sharing your tips & experiences with the wider coaching community.



    (Incidentally Matt Thompson has written a super blog on the incident - Why “Win At All Costs” Is a Priority…..With a New Definition - which is worth checking out)

  • robertkmaaye

    Or having read a bit more of the reaction this morning the question I probably should be asking is do you just have no sympathy at all for him!

  • LawrieOK


    My personal view is that Lehmann should show leadership, by a) publicly condemning any 'cheating' by the AUS Team Members, b) publicly apologising for the behaviour of the players implicated, and c) resigning before he is pushed. His position is completely compromised and he has shown, if we are to believe he knew nothing of the plan/action, that he does not command the respect of his players, nor has he embedded a robust culture. I am certain the Aussie Public will have lost any faith they may have had in him, and will be calling for his head. 

  • robertkmaaye

    Completely agree Lawrie...I'm fascinated to see if the penny will drop with him!

  • andrewb62

    I am not sure that it is fair to single out Darren Lehmann (or to suggest that he is responsible for the behaviour and attitudes of the Australian team).

    Quoted in a recent article in The Australian (pay walled), former Australian captain Steve Waugh said

    In 2003, we modified the Spirit of Cricket document originally created by the MCC, to empower our players to set their own standards and commit to play the Australian way.
    I recall this being described as a direct reaction to sections in the Preamble to the Laws of Cricket (2000 Code) specifically identifying “abusive language towards an opponent” as being against the Spirit of Cricket; abusive language remains as a major component of the “mental disintegration” tactic developed and advocated by Steve Waugh, and synonymous with ‘the Australian Way’ of playing cricket.
    Australian cricket gave itself a dispensation from the Spirit of Cricket that every one else was playing to. Australian cricketers have famously described their on-field behaviour as ‘head-butting the line’ but never crossing it...but they are the only people who can define where that line actually  is.
    The behaviour of the Australian cricketers over the last several years cannot be attributed to coach Lehmann (although he has done nothing effective to modify it). They have been brought up believing that they are the arbiters of the Spirit of Cricket.  Other nations clearly think otherwise.
  • robertkmaaye

    Fair point Andrew!

  • andrewb62

    This, from Mickey Arthur, makes the point far more eloquently than I did.


  • LawrieOK

    Liked and shared the Mickey Arthur post widely. Thanks for the heads up Andrew!

  • robertkmaaye
    On 29/03/18 10:26 AM, Andrew Beaven said:

    This, from Mickey Arthur, makes the point far more eloquently than I did.


    This is an absolutely brilliant link Andrew...thanks for sharing!

    Just heard he’s resigning from his post after the 4th test!

  • DavidCooper

    More to the point now that Lehmann has resigned, how can Australia change their image or culture to restore the faith of the Australian cricket loving public. Personally I don't think other international teams will care about their future behaviour. The Australian cricket culture has very deep roots going back to the Chappell's, the Waughs, Alan Border, Dennis Lillee and Rod Marsh. Will this latest clear evidence of cheating cause a "line to be drawn in the sand"? I would like to think so but I won't hold my breath. International cricket has always had a "win at all costs" mentality going back to 1930s Bodyline crisis. The choice of next manager, coach and captain will determine how much is going to change. What is clear that the desire to be #1 in the world will override any thoughts of ethical behaviour. Smith, Warner and Bancroft have been caught and banished. The worry for Australian cricket is how to replace 3 top batters when the cupboard is bare? 

    Tampering with the ball will not be stopped until umpires have the ball in between overs and can continually monitor the state of the ball. This is quite a simple rule to introduce and mean that the ball can only be shined between the 1st and last ball of the over. 

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