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Email system not working and Daily Digest feedback | Welcome and General

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Posted in: Bugs and Issues

Email system not working and Daily Digest feedback

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  • robertkmaaye

    Afternoon ConnectedCoaches members

    We are currently in the process of going live with ConnectedCoaches and transferring onto the new url www.connectedcoaches.org. This process started on Monday but can take up to a week to complete. During the migration process if you spot anything that isnt working as you would expect when we were on the old communifire website address, could you please let me know by either replying to this thread or emailing me directly (if you have my email address).

    At present one issue to be aware of is we are unable to send out emails.

    What this means is:

    • If you start a conversation or have subscribed to a conversation/thread you wont immediately get the notification email telling you someone has responded. So you have to log back in to check to see if there has been any response.
    • You wont receive the daily email activity summary (you probably havent for a couple of days)
    • If you are new to ConnectedCoaches and want to register to participate  you wont receive the verification email that enables you to do so yet
    • Any friend requests you send wont be received immediately
    • Any messages you send using the messaging service wont be received by the member you are sending to at this present time
    • If you have forgotten your password and requested a reminder you wont receive the reminder email immediately

    We hope to have this issue fixed asap. When it is you will receive all emails of the above type retrospectively...so you could have a few emails in your inbox!

    Daily Activity Email Feedback

    We have received feedback from several members that they sometimes think the daily activity summary emails can be too long with the display of every action of every member being included e.g. likes. At present we are unable to alter the contents of these emails. However we have been in contact with our suppliers and are working on a solution to be able to do this. We hope to have a solution for you in the not too distant future

    Apologies for any inconvience the above causes

    Thanks for your patience


  • robertkmaaye

    Pleased to report emails are back working again and we are live!

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