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More Heartening Work

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Little boy on early morning summer training jumping over trammels in training field.

Image © Shutterstock.com


Noel McCarthy, Wayne Sheehan, Patricia Flynn and John Morrissey at STC Athletic Development in Ireland have made huge inroads into their athletic development process. No longer do they just concentrate on the sports-specific journey of the athletes they work with. Their intention is to integrate movement efficiency, consistency and resilience into the training session. They join the ever-growing number of practitioners who have decided to change things for the better. Greg Thompson, Steve Myrland, Jeremy Frisch, James Marshall, Nick Hill, Darren Ritchie, Tracy Fober, Joe Przytula, John Scriven, Rob Anderson, Andy Thomson, Mick McDermott, to name just a few (I know – I have forgotten to mention so many more!), are at the forefront of this quest for movement efficiency. If these practitioners can embrace change surely so can all Physical educators and sports Coaches. Example session from the Ireland crew:


STC Youth Athletic Development - Session plan 17th July 2020 (60 mins)

3-4pm Glenville GAA Pitch






Part 1 – Crawling exercises Bear crawl out crab walk back (x3),

Forward roll to jump 10m, backward roll back 10m (x2)

Part 2- Jumping and landing, two legged jumps and landing to accelerate, hops to accelerate

Part 3 – (Crab to Squat to push up to Spiderman each side and back x3)

Back-up - Wayne’s warm-up (Jumping jacks, high knees, Punches etc)

15  mins


Form 10 groups with approx.  players in each group


Speed game

Option 1

Rock, Paper, Scissors chase, similar too (1st video in this link)



10 mins


Strength break

Staggered Squat x 5, Bear position touch opposite hand-opposite leg x 5, Water bottle catch plank x 5, Donkey kick x 5, bean bag Lunge hold x 5.

5 mins


Speed and agility

Option 1 (5 group of 4?)

Game overtime

Set a mini-pitch, two players at the end have to get as many cones/beanbags from one end to another in 30(?)secs, the guys in the middle have to obstruct them by getting in the way… but players cannot touch or tackle… so the offensive players have to bob, weave and sidestep, similar too (1st video in this link)


10 mins


Strength break

Staggered Squat x 5, Bear position touch opposite hand-opposite leg x 5, Water bottle catch plank x 5, Donkey kick x 5, bean bag Lunge hold x 5.

5 mins



Battle rope exercises


Tug of war rope

10 mins




Cone reaction game (similar too)




A few weeks ago I offered the following session / lesson to a group of PE Teachers which has some similarities to what is illustrated above.


A ‘Movement’ Lesson Plan – Locomotion Theme


Warm Up


Walking Lunge across the area – Hands on Hips

Walking Lunge & Reach across the area

Crawling activity

Giant Circles

Marching Drills

Run Forwards / Backwards / Sideways


Movement Break – Exercise 1 from 5in5 Module


Locomotion – Crawling


180 Crawls; Sideways Crawls; Carioca Crawls; Spiderman Crawls


Movement Break – Exercise 2 from 5in5 Module


Locomotion - Running


Starting Positions Practice – Short Races – Falling Start; Kneeling Start; Lying Start


Movement Break – Exercise 3 from 5in5 Module


Locomotion - Running


In Circles – in groups – Clockwise; Ant-Clockwise; Backwards Clockwise; Backwards Anti-Clockwise


Movement Break – Exercise 4 from 5in5 Module


Locomotion – Relays


Partner Tags; Ball Carrying; Backwards Running


Movement Break – Exercise 5 from 5in5 Module


= 10 x short activity units


The work of all these practitioners is heartening as the chance to see real change in the physical journey of all athletes seems to be increasing. While you wait interminably for Coach education and PE Teacher education to catch up, give some thought to embracing these ideas. Everyone listed has shown a desire to share what they are doing. Such a group is the future so do your best to join them in this creative journey.


You can find out more about me by visiting my coaching profile

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