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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Something I never expected to be blogging about- COVID-19!

My thoughts and best wishes go to those that are particularly affected at what is truly a traumatic, challenging and worrying time for the whole world. The devastation and impact it has already had and will continue to, really puts everything into perspective. Rugby bears no importance or relevance at such a time, but like all other aspects of life, the things that we enjoyed doing, or could do; highlights how we can take them for granted and not always fully appreciate how good we have it when no such restrictions are in place. 

So rather than add to what is already a gloomy picture, I am going to try and put a positive slant on things where possible. Now clearly, there is no getting away from the severity of the current situation, but if you are able to and have no symptoms then why not use this time to practice, do things that we wouldn't normally have time for within the recommended guidelines. There is always a silver lining to every situation albeit a small one. As a rugby coach, I will now return to my bread and butter and offer suggestions of how all the players, parents and carers can hopefully get a good balance of fitness and skill work at home. 

I have been busy over the last week or so uploading videos of a range of drills, skills that players may find useful on my social media sites - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Please do have a look, I will continue to upload them over the coming weeks. If you have any requests, please get in touch. I do feel, however, that this time/freedom element of being stuck at home lends itself to the players being creative and taking ownership of their learning. Pick a particular skill that you want to improve and come up with ways of how you can improve it. Be creative, use what you have in the garage, back garden and become a player-coach. This will add a fun element and also provide good levels of motivation as you have set the parameters in which you are training. 

A few examples of what I have come up with: 

Hookers Lineout Throwing Drills

 Passing Drills 

Rugby Related Fitness Session 

One huge positive is that families will be able to spend some quality time together and this is something to cherish and embrace. Sporting practice and particularly for rugby would be awesome if the siblings, parents or carers where possible could help out and work with the player to help them with practicing certain elements. Fitness-wise - this would be a good activity to possibly do together. Bit of an old cliché but a healthy body = a healthy mind.

So to summarise

- where possible and ensuring safety make use of your time and practice/train. 

-be creative with your training methods

-appreciate what we had and will have soon enough 

-come back better, fitter and stronger than ever. 

Stay safe and look after yourself and loved ones. 

Have you done anything creative with your coaching during this time?

Please share with me how by adding a comment below

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