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About Us

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About Us

About ConnectedCoaches

You can’t get away with Coach Talk 24/7 with family and friends but you can come to ConnectedCoaches to discuss whatever’s on your mind – a challenging parent, someone who turns up late, engaging those who seem disinterested etc - whenever you like.

We are driven by the belief that anyone coaching any form of physical activity make local communities better places.

Yet coaches can feel cut-off, out on a limb. Entirely understandable when many of you work single handedly – as tireless volunteers – not only to coach, but also to talk to parents, motivate people to come along and find funding.

We work with members to make ConnectedCoaches:

Friendly, welcoming online community

friendly and welcoming

Much-loved and welcome support for coaches

a much-loved and welcome support

Place for coaches to interact with others facing similar issues

a place to interact with others facing similar issues

Our aim

To help coaches – from different sports and activities– solve problems together by swapping ideas and sharing knowledge.

Our goals

  • Make life easier for coaches
  • Deepen coaches knowledge
  • Share the love of coaching

Our approach

We let ideas flow but we do moderate to ensure members remain respectful and feel supported in accordance with our community guidelines.

Our Members

ConnectedCoaches members are united by a single common goal:

to help children and adults be the best they can be and get the most out of their chosen sport or activity

Browse our members and discover staggering achievements – that have benefited our children, communities and athletes in the UK.

Members tell us that they are surprised by how useful it is to interact with coaches from other sports – discovering how different clubs deal with similar issues.

Or read about what you can do at ConnectedCoaches. You’ll find lots to help improve your coaching, including blogs, podcasts, videos, photos and conversations started in the many group forums. 

About us

ConnectedCoaches is a initiative by the team at UK COACHING (FORMERLY SPORTS COACH uk): a charity established in 1984 to drive the development of sports coaching in the UK. The initiative has been funded by UK COACHING, its subsidiary Coachwise and the Tim Lewis Trust Fund.

We believe that when coaches feel supported they grow in confidence. In turn, they challenge themselves to be better and achieve amazing things.

You can also find us on Twitter and YouTube

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