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Accessibility Statement | ConnectedCoaches

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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

We have worked hard to make ConnectedCoaches accessible to a wide audience.


The site functions gracefully on desktops, tablets and mobiles. 


ConnectedCoaches is supported on the main browsers. This includes recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

For members with visual impairments

We are striving to meet the priority 1 and 2 guidelines defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines especially for members who are blind or can’t see very well.

We recommend the BBC My web my way how to guides. They are an excellent source of information on screen readers and how to change device or browser settings. We won’t attempt to re-create that information here.

Play your part

Members can do their bit by avoiding unnecessary punctuation and text speak. Unsurprisingly, listening to ‘asterix, asterix, explanation mark’ repeatedly in a monotone voice is not enjoyable.